Breathe…The Future is Now #HappyReinventing

After a profound week of insights at CES (the Consumer Electronics Show), you sit back and wonder how the world could have existed without all this technology and interconnectivity.  The irony of it all, however, is the lack of connectivity we have to one another as human beings.

Are we replacing the soft touch, eye-to-eye contact with robotic and AI practicality? Replacing human jobs with digital productivity? Letting machines make decisions for us and dictate our behavior patterns? Making the work place obsolete? Providing no environment for the imagination to flourish?

Or is all of this accelerating our brains capacity to imagine on a scale that we never did before and challenging us to find new ways to think and explore? Can we really be replaced by machines and AI to the extent that we will need to find another way to sustain our economy if we can’t earn money and buy all the goods that are being created by these new robots…and being sold to us?  Is progress becoming negative for humanity and are we to slow it down or just plow through it in the name of innovation?

It’s daunting and exciting, romantic and nostalgic while innovative and exploratory.

But for what? To say that we can? To be bigger and better? To create a world that we once envisioned only in the movies and on the Jetsons?  Do we stand to benefit from it?  In all the futuristic movies, there’s a cold and harsh world with very little human connectivity – you never see the “peace, love and happiness” of the 60’s era that was the quintessential of the human spirit come to life.

Why are we doing this? Our kids have different social norms that have them living their friendships and communication over social media, the adults are scrambling to keep up with the Joneses on technology platforms, we can barely have a conversation with out being pinged, happed, buzzed from some type of gadget and yet this digital world is supposed to be making us more “connected”?  Connected to what? I’d rather snuggle up to a warm body than a computer at night yet we’re being bombarded with our “need” to go to sleep, monitor our sleep, wake up to, have our first coffee, brush our teeth, do our grocery shopping, drive around…all without effort and without thinking… why is that so good?  Is this really enabling us to use our brains capacity? Will we become an even lazier society, more sedentary, and thus unhealthier than we already are?  Is this all just a ploy to rid the world of human beings so some larger more universal play can happen?

These digital devices and apps are touting health, fitness, mindfulness, meditation – ironically – gadgets that support our need to be addicted to them but ironically giving us “solutions” to relax and unplug.

It’s all quite absurd but we seem to not be able to live without them. This addiction is more severe than we realize, and capitalism and curiosity are driving it.

There does feel like there’s a backlash happening, but it will never be grand enough to slow down progress or halt productivity and growth of the future.

All we can do is be mindful of it, ask the questions, resist the urge to engage because it’s there and being sold to us, know what makes us feel good, warm and fuzzy, teach our children to love what we know was a beautiful time of staring out a window for hours on a car ride and let our imaginations run free, walk down a street or around a school campus and look at our fellow humans, make eye contact, smile, be engaged, be present and “just be.”

We don’t have to be always “doing” in order to feel fulfilled.

Take a pen to paper and write a letter to your 8-year old self.  What would you say about your life today and what it was when you were that age.  How would you protect yourself from getting pulled into the vortex without the checks and balances for yourself?

Be aware and alert, be accountable to yourself and your desires and passions, dare to unplug and explore your world. Check in with yourself and don’t just go along for the ride and get swept up in the pace of future innovation. Be conscious of what you’re doing, even if you’re doing it.  Take the time to be present and dig a little deeper with yourself and those around you.

Resist the urge when you can…challenge yourself…be mindful.

Check out the new mindfulness and meditation centers, classes and programs popping up if you’re eager to keep that balance…

Or just unplug, take a walk, smell the roses, feel the sun, breathe….

Enjoy and #HappyReinventing!

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What do you think? I’d love to hear your thoughts?

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New Year’s Reflections & Reinventions


It’s about the journey.
That’s the point.
If you choose to find the best and beauty in everything, you’ll enjoy the journey.
The choice is yours.
How do you choose to live out this life?
Ready to Reinvent? Big or Small?
Change is Adventure.
Stretching feels Good.
Channel the Fear into Momentum.

When it comes to Reinvention … trust yourself!

We’re surrounded by so much information that sometimes it paralyzes us and we don’t know which way to turn – this diet, that investment, now that’s bad for you, only this is good for you…

We’re all different and we’re adults with research and information on everything at our fingertips.
Take in the information and figure out what is right for you. Then you can own it and forge a path that includes these new tools, habits, programs, interests.

If New Year’s Resolutions are the moment of reflection for you – then this might just help…

If you are really ready to make that leap and become more fit, or find that new career path, or get into a good relationship, or do some great volunteer work, or whatever your passion is to pursue, then set realistic goals so that you can feel good about achieving them, and the milestones along the way.

Whether we want to or need to, these little or big reinventions are incredible journeys and you want to map yours out, just like you would if you we’re going on a vacation to somewhere new and interesting.

A few fundamental steps are involved so write them down, especially because in weeks or months from now, when you’re having a down day or feeling challenged with your goals, reading your game plan will remind you and reinforce the reason and spirit with which you set out to do it –

  • Pick your destination – where do you want to end up?
  • Do some research – what’s involved, want more do you need to know, will this require some education, courses, reading, meetings with others?
  • How do you work your Reinvention into your current life – what gives? What stays in place? What has to be reorganized to make this work?
  • Who’s involved and how will these new plans affect them? How will they be involved?
  • Who else do you need to engage in your process for support, guidance, mentoring, inspiration?
  • What are the first five things you’ll need to do to get on the path?
  • What’s your personal measurement of success in this journey? How will you know you’re on the right path and pleased with your Reinvention?

Whatever your passion, wherever this next adventure takes you, prepare yourself with a road map to get there – this is not work – this is your journey, so enjoy every step of it and own it with a sense of excitement.

Do it with Quiet Dignity, Wisdom in your Heart, Intelligence in your Body and Own the Life You Want.

Enjoy and #HappyReinventing!

I’d love to hear your thoughts. Share your stories, feedback, anecdotes – I’d like to include them in my blog, website or upcoming book –visit our website and join the conversation. See great links to others’ inspiring websites, sign up for the newsletter and please share with everyone.

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Kathi Sharpe-Ross – Chief Reinventor/

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Empty Nester? Perfect Time to Reinvent Your Life!

Empty nest #2

All the connotations of an empty nest appear to be negative and come with a huge dose of sadness. Our babies have flown the nest, left the coop, moved on to grow as adults and leave us holding … memories! Memories of the most beautiful, challenging, emotional, happy, special, life-changing moments ever. I love being a mommy, feeling needed, wanted, nurturing, care-taking while constantly being in awe of these amazing little people that turn into grown up human beings – that WE created!!! It never ceases to amaze me and give me such incredible joy and fills my heart.

For some this is a time of celebration – to have the house back to yourself, to do what you want when you want, to have no day-to-day care-taking responsibilities. No more late-night trips to the market to make sure there’s basic necessities in the fridge to feed your kids…and god forbid you have to make cookies for that bake-sale fundraiser at midnight while you’re on a business deadline!

Now those hugs and face-to-face conversations have transformed into texts, calls and expensive plane tickets, but that’s ok as this is the new “norm.”

But I’ve got news for you! This is also the greatest time to consider Reinventing Your Life!
It doesn’t have to be HUGE but as you know, Reinventions come in ALL shapes and sizes so just consider this for a moment…

What are you going to do with all those extra hours and the lack of responsibilities that you used to have day in and day out that were your excuse for not doing all those things you “said” you wanted to do?

Guess what? No excuses!

So, put on those running shoes, download that language app, go buy that garden shovel, pick up your old guitar, go tell your boss how you feel about your job so you can get that promotion, clean out and redo one of the rooms, do that volunteer work that your subconscious mind has been urging you to do, call up some friends you’ve been pushing aside for years, pick up that tennis racket, take back your weekends and do, something fun, make those travel plans with your friends and loved ones, visit some remote part of the city, be a tourist in your own hometown…

Getting the picture?

This is YOUR time, again! Use it wisely, love your children, make sure they’re doing great and support them growing into great people but also, show them how it’s done and what is possible in life!

It’s actually an amazing way for your kids to see that we should NEVER stop exploring the world, our interests, our passions and that their years in college are just the beginning of them testing out life as adults, finding their interests and passions, learning about things they never even knew existed.

I remember taking courses in college (I was a Communications major) such as Astronomy, Archaeology, Sociology of Deviant Behavior, Middle Eastern Studies, Public Speaking, Film Studies, Philosophy – these are the courses that I constantly recall, as I got exposure to things I might not ever experience or learn again. Those made an impression on me.

That was my time to explore and guess what? It is again…right now! I may not be in college but there’s an entire world full of hobbies, interests, destinations and people to discover.

Perhaps our journey is just beginning again so rethink those tough moments, don’t be sad or anxious that your kids aren’t around – cease the moment and dig deep – what are your passions and how are you going to live this one incredible life?

Enjoy and #HappyReinventing!

If They Can Do It, I can Do It! Change Your Habits and Reinvent!


“Your beliefs become your thoughts, Your thoughts become your words,

Your words become your actions, Your actions become your habits,

Your habits become your values, Your values become your destiny.”

– Mahatma Gandhi

The more we see people succeed, break out of the norm, pursue their passions, make life happen… the more we realize we are not alone. They’re not special, they don’t have super powers, they just dared to dream and go for it.

Maybe it’s time you started changing habits, dreaming bigger and believe that you can do whatever you want.

Reinventing your life comes in all shapes and sizes. If you want to start working out, pick something fun and start small. Take a beginner’s class and start out easily so that you’re not in pain for a week and never want to do it again.

You want to learn a language? Go on Groupon download a language program – its right there. Don’t have time to do it? How about waking up 30 minutes earlier and taking a walk and doing two great things at the same time every day? Can you imagine how you would feel after just 10 days?

Wishing you could paint like a friend of yours who just picked up a paintbrush and started painting recently? They just started to do it, why can’t you? Do it for your own Joy, not to share or show to anyone, not to put on exhibit or post online, just do it for your passion and joy and to stretch your creativity!

Do you truly believe they have skills greater than yours? Are they smarter? Do they have some special gene that makes them more unique and capable than you? Or is it they just summoned the courage to actually try something they keep thinking and talking about? Is it about the time constraints you think you have? We’re all so busy and we say we don’t have the time but is that really true?

If you actually spent one week changing your habits, not watching your favorite TV shows, not monitoring your social media, and you wake up 30 minutes earlier every day, cancel lunch dates to spend time doing something that you’d like to try – writing, listening to the language lessons, planning a trip, researching a new career that you want to start, exploring more…you would be on your way!

Just like that!

I meet people every day in so many different walks of life and at so many levels of their careers – from 19-year-olds just starting out to 72-year-olds, all talking from a different perspective about what they wish they could do with their lives. What I find fascinating are the older folks who haven’t fulfilled their dreams, who look at their lives and wish they could’ve done so many other things and question whether or not it’s too late to tackle it now.

I have a friend who used a family tragedy as a catalyst to start checking off things on her bucket list. Confronted with the reality that our lives could be taken from us at any point, she realized that she wasn’t going to sit around and be one of those people that said I wish I had done this or that. She’s taking life by the horns and looking at how to conquer every fear and every dream small and large, and most certainly way out of her comfort zone. Everybody looks at what she’s doing and they’re wishing that they had the courage to Dream as she does.

So what does it take? How do you take that first leap of faith even if it’s something as small as starting that diet tomorrow, or telling your boss that you want a raise, or leaving that job so that you can go do what you really dreamed about, like opening that little chocolate store in the middle of Main Street, or saving people in Third World countries that need a helping hand, or move on from a bad relationship, or starting some charity work, or go horseback riding, or learn a language, or start spending more time discovering your spirituality, or align with a cause and find your voice,  or start meditating every morning for five minutes.

Anything that you do that adjusts your daily habits and routines and creates a new focus and a new direction in your life is an amazing moment of reinvention. One small change can create such a huge shift in your energy, your surroundings, the way you connect with other people, your moods. You’re sending a signal to those around you and to the universe that you are open and interested in creating the best possible life you could have and then you’re not going to be the one to say “I wish I could…”

Want to break old habits and create new ones? Start small and gain confidence with that feeling. You’ll find the joy, not fear that comes with “mixing it up” a little.

These mini Reinventions can shake up your norm. Changing your routine can remind you how new and exciting different experiences and habits can be – try the simplest of things for starters, like:

  • Drive to a different Starbucks in your neighborhood,
  • Order an Iced Tea vs Ice Latte
  • Put on shoes you have in the back of your closet, rather than the ones you wear all the time.
  • Wear a colored shirt vs black or white shirt with your suit
  • Walk vs drive to the close grocery store
  • Exercise in the morning vs evening
  • Read a book vs watching a tv show (dvr it for another time)
  • Call an old friend for dinner
  • Cook vs ordering in
  • Change your shampoo brand

Getting the picture?

We take for granted the daily habits that are our routine.

Try getting comfortable with change.

Embrace Change with Excitement and Courage

Minimize the Fear and let Inspiration and Curiosity take over

Have faith in who you’d like to be.  Believe it’s there. Go for it. Create it.

Life won’t just happen to you, make it all yours on your terms!

Happy Reinventing


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What do you think? I’d love to hear your thoughts?

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Reinvent Your Life – The Perfect Holiday/New Year’s Kick-Off Time


If something is important enough, even if the odds are against you, you should still do it.   – Elon Musk

Reinvention is our Soul Food – it lifts our spirits, rekindles our fire, ignites our passion and renews our spirit.

Reinventions come in all shapes and sizes. They are “aha moments” when you realize that you really want to do something new, return to something you used to love doing, explore something you’ve dared only to dream of, explore your passions.  It’s a chance to further discover the real you and what you’re made of.  It’s chance to become the best version of yourself.

Overwhelmed by the thought of Reinventing but desperate to shake things up?  Wanting to explore that creative part of you that they’ve tried to suppress in you since you were seven years old?

Over the Holidays and as we approach the New Year, give yourself the perfect gift of precious time to spend on something you’ve been meaning to explore or delve into. Stop reading other people’s social media feeds, don’t binge watch anymore shows on NETFLIX…and do something truly special for yourself. Jumpstart your Reinvention.

Take the time over the holidays, don’t wait till the typical “January 1st” New Year’s Resolution. Start TODAY!

The holidays give you more down time so you can actually reinvest time in something that’s meaningful to you. The things you keep putting off because you have no time – just try spending THREE SESSIONS of time on something you’re interested on focusing on – whether it’s THREE HOURS, THREE HALF DAYS, THREE EVENINGS…whatever fits into your down time.

Once you do this, you’ll get “into it” and start to find ways to calendar more sessions of time working on this Reinvention plan, hobby, habit, inspiration. Don’t be discouraged if it’s a multi-year plan – it has to start somewhere so make NOW the time to create the plan, find your mentors, research what you need to know to create this new reality.

Here’s a list of places you can start looking into … Just pick one for starters – could be the catalyst for amazing new changes and inspiration in your life:








Personal Brand








Leisure activities


Home Décor

No matter how big or small, a reinvention can completely shift your mood, morale and sense of adventure.  So go for it – give yourself an hour or two to delve into this just a little and embark on your Life Reinvention – it’s all yours!

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What do you think? I’d love to hear your thoughts?

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Meeting of the Inspired Minds – Tips and Tricks for Life Reinventions


If you don’t like the road you’re walking, start paving another one. – Dolly Parton

I’ve been reading and listening to some interesting folks these days that contribute to the question I often ask of you… “What’s really holding you back from the one big or small Reinvention that you dream about?”

Through my marketing agency – THE SHARPE ALLIANCE – I’ve had the great privilege of working with great companies and clients – most recently the amazing @DianaNyad (the epic Cuba – Florida swimmer) and expedition partner Bonnie Stoll on their new venture EverWalk.  From the moment I met Diana I was riveted by her story, her laser focused inspiration and her incredible sense of what’s possible. Did I mention she’s only 67 years old?! And then I did it… I joined this incredible @EverWalk movement and am proud to say that I accomplished “my epic” – walking 33 miles a few weeks ago.

As part of #EverWalkNation and the inaugural event of a long-term movement to get this country up and walking — this seven-day walk from Los Angeles to San Diego motivated me and I had plenty of good exercise, fresh air and thankfully, some much needed reflective time. I invite you to check out and pledge to walk at least three days a week – join #EverWalkNation

As I drove back to LA from our final Achievement spot in San Diego I was feeling particularly inspired and was listening to profound and interesting interviews, all touching on motivating ideas, forming new habits, quieting those doubting voices in our head and wanted to share with you some wisdom, tips and insights I’ve collected.

Here is some collaborative thinking and ideas that might motivate you and help you find your path to the Reinvention that you are seeking with links to interviews, podcasts and websites from @DianaNyad ,  @KathySmith , @Dr.PatrickPorter , @MelissaAmbrosini and @MelRobbins .

We also have habits!  Habits are hard to break and when you’re inspired by somebody like Diana Nyad and Bonnie Stoll who just launched the largest walking movement in American history – only three years after Diana Nyad accomplished the swim from Cuba to Florida -110.86 miles in about 53 consecutive hours – you realize that it is our mind that can control anything we want to do. Once we’re inspired or excited by an idea, it’s a whole other thing to get ourselves teed up and active in pursuing a dream so that it’s more than just a vision.

Check out Diana Nyad’s incredible TED TALK to capture the essence of her journey and experience during the epic swim.

Here’s a great interview/podcast between fitness guru Kathy Smith and Diana Nyad.

Kathy Smith also interviews Dr. Patrick Porter and they discuss habits, retraining our minds and creating tips and tools for breaking old habits and forming new ones.  Lots more great content from Kathy Smith can be found at

First you have to question what’s actually holding you back.  Is it those voices in your head that are making you doubt why you are even worthy, or the idea that you have is even viable? If it is, it’s time to recognize what those voices in your head are actually saying to you so that you can isolate them and quiet them as Melissa Ambrosini says in “Mastering Your Mean Girl”… or your Bad Boy.  Those voices in our heads are what create the self-doubt to even take that next step. It’s not those around us that stop us.  It’s usually us – but we don’t realize how severe of an impact that has and how to control or quiet those adverse messages.  Take a look and listen to what Melissa has to say about all of this…

Mel Robbins“It Takes 5 Seconds to Change Your Life” – one of the most popular TedX Talks, is a life coach and is widely respected for her grab-’em-by-the-collar advice and tough love, Robbins drills through the mental clutter that stands between people and what they want. Her approach is smart, effective and entertaining…

These are some interesting and motivational talks and interviews but you have to find what works for you and who you connect with to provide the best inspiration.

I’ve had the honor of working closely with Diana and Bonnie on EverWalk, and watching something epic take form. Participating in EverWalk made me realize what I’m capable of when I have a reason and the team behind me and I’m pushed to do something that is way out of my comfort zone.

It’s often about the team – those who might support our vision, act as a mentor, share resources, provide advice.  Think about surrounding yourself with your own team when you’re embarking on a new journey, exploring a new concept and Reinventing a part of your life.

The next step is figuring out how to retrain yourself and your mind to actually do those things.  I believe that if the “will” is strong enough, we can do anything. Do you believe it? Are you willing to commit to yourself if you really want to affect a change in your life? If the answer is “yes” then take those moments of confidence and clarity and bottle them. Remind yourself how worthy you are and how great your idea is. Run with it!

Run with it, make a plan, find your team and go for your “Epic”!!

Enjoy some of these inspired links.  I’ll add some of them to the website along with other interesting and relevant websites and referrals.

What do you think? I’d love to hear your thoughts?


Share your stories, feedback, anecdotes – I’d love to include them in my blog, website or upcoming book –visit our website and join the conversation –

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Kathi Sharpe-Ross — Chief Reinventor/

Discovery and Adventure – I Dare You to Reinvent Your Life!  

OMG – you’re not going to believe what I did!

Ok, ok…kinda’ kidding but wouldn’t you love to be saying that about something new and exciting in your life that you made happen?

“There is no greater way to reinvent yourself but through discovery.”- Kathi Sharpe-Ross

I’ve heard from a lot of friends and colleagues lately who aren’t where they want to be in life.  I’m glad I’m their friend and that I have chance to help give them strength and perspective to remind them of who they are.  I am having a lot of conversations that enable me to share a little of my wisdom and compassion, as well as my benefit of “distance” to hold a mirror up to them and to provide them with the strength to know who they are and dig deep to remember what they’re about, their values, their purpose and how to get where they wish they were going.

Can you relate to either side of that conversation?

It makes you question your own soul searching, even if you’re in your “happy place” and you’re helping out a friend or colleague.

What is your soul dream?

Shhhh be still, listen, really listen – who are you, no really? Are you the best version of yourself? Are you self-aware? Are you simply living the image that others want you to be or an illusion of who you could be?

And how do we really know if we’ve ever arrived at who we really are. We evolve, grow, learn, stretch, explore so many angles of ourselves and with each twist and turn, a new nugget appears – an epiphany, a wisdom, an insight that reveals just a little more that perhaps makes us that much more curious … That can be so fun but are you stopping long enough to even recognize it?  Are you capable of seeing what’s right in front of you or inside you to harness that energy and do something profound with it?

Read more

A Letter To My Parents #HappyReinventing

I wrote this Blog sitting on a plane one day on one of my many cross-country flights, contemplating my wonderful life and thinking about all that I’m doing with the “Reinventing Your Life” space – my media company, website, book, blogs, interviews, content and social media.

I started this “hobby-turned-business” because people have always told me how lucky I am that I get to do what I want, when I want, how I want and my business – THE SHARPE ALLIANCE – always makes it look like I’m just having fun.

Not so! It’s hard work but I owe a lot to my parents who gave me the tools to recognize HOW to have the life that I want – entrepreneurial, no box, free spirited, balanced, passionate, curious and driven.  As they say, if you love what you do, you’ll never work a day in your life! And I do!!

For that I’m grateful and thus, I wrote this sitting on that plane ride and decided to share it with you.  I hope it resonates for you.  We don’t always stop and take stock of the profound impact our parents have had and the learnings we have taken away from all of our life experiences with them – good, bad, different, other… but if it weren’t for them, we wouldn’t be here!

I love you Mommy and Daddy! This one’s for you…


Thank you for showing me what’s possible

Thank you for bringing me up with the view that there’s no box

Showing me the world

How to be strong and independent

The safety I grew up with

The security to be me

To be self-reliant

To be open

To be inclusive

To be accepting

To see what’s possible

How to love

How to live

How to give

How to be compassionate

How be inspired

How to be curious

How to speak up

How to want more always

How to be involved


Not because it’s your birthday or Father’s Day or Mother’s Day

Just because I can. Thank you.

I love you!



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And please share this with your friends, family and those that might want a dose of inspiration.  Share your Reinvention Stories with me anytime. Email, on the website, on social media!

Enjoy and #HappyReinventing

Freedom to Reinvent – The Man with the Violin

FREEDOM TO REINVENT – The Man with the Violin

Freedom is the Oxygen of the Soul – Moshe Dayan

Sadly, the events in the recent news make us realize how fragile life is and the importance of seizing the moment, making the most out of our lives and living life to the fullest.  Don’t wait to do the things you dream about.  Consider what your small or big Reinventions could be as you read my latest blog post.

Reinvention is our Soul Food.  It lifts our spirit, rekindles our fire, ignites our passion and renews our spirit. There are ways to transform parts of our life that impact all the moving pieces and when we’re open to the options and even the challenge, it can truly change our spirit, mood and complete environment.  We have the freedom to make these changes and Reinvent to our heart’s content.  Wouldn’t you like to take advantage of something that’s just at your fingertips?

I’ve often said that a great Reinvention can start with simply fulfilling a little desire and something we’ve been yearning to do but never got around to.  Having that extra hobby or passion to engage in lifts our spirit and nurtures our soul.

Well, I met a gentlemen last month who embodies that story and as I started talking to him, the way he lit up when he shared his story with me, said it all.

I was traveling on a biz trip when a mutual friend introduced us in the gateway prior to boarding the plane.  I knew he was heading to the same conference I was and I knew the business he was in.  He was carrying a rectangular case onto the plane and heading to the Intl Licensing Show.  I was curious what goodies he was carrying in the case with him for the conference. When he told me it was his violin and he “would t go anywhere without it” I was intrigued.

Read more


The Dog Ate My Homework…and Other Excuses for not Living Your Ideal Life

 “He that is good for making excuses is seldom good for anything else.”  – Benjamin Franklin

Whether  it’s been on your mind or never crossed your mind, there comes a time where reality about this notion of “life” and what it really is settles in and you realize that you’re saying “I wish had…” I should have…” What if I…”

Do you really want to wake up one day, perhaps when it really is too late and have regrets about all the things you might have done.  Call it the “Bucket List,” “Second Chapters,” “Life Reinventions,” they’re all a nagging reminder that living large and the journey of life can be quite extraordinary. It can be spiritual, health, career, hobby, relationships, business, skill related – anything you’ve thought of that might enhance this journey in your life.

Do you find yourself living vicariously through others –  marveling at their facebook page, reading stories of amazing ventures that others dared to take on, life changes that were a complete 360 that someone had the courage to figure out and tackle?

STOP!  Stop doing that to yourself.  It’s time to stop making excuses.  Especially now as you start to enter the “Empty Nester” phase of life.  This is the most exciting time of rediscovery in your life.  Recognize the things that have held you back for the last 20+ years and stop hiding behind them because if you ever had an excuse, now’s the time to dispel it.

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#BrainReinvention – The Irony of Social Media and Smart Phones 24/7


It’s quite ironic that I would share this blog today as my agency is handling sponsorship for the 8th Annual Shorty Awards (this Monday in NYC – Live Stream on #YouTube @shortyawards – shameless plug)

So that said, I started this blog a few weeks ago as I realized how ironic/sad/telling of this generation …that we just don’t allow ourselves to be present…or do we?  Are we just present in so many more ways at the same time?  Is it really possible that we can’t multi-task that well or are we becoming more “multi-task-able” as our needs expand and evolve?  Yes, it’s evolution and given how little of our brains we are told that we use (apparently 10%), it seems there’s a lot more we’re capable of handling and processing. Well here it is!

Welcome to the #BrainReinvention period in society!

I had a great mini heated debate with the social media guru/entrepreneur Gary Vaynerchuk (@garyvee) over dinner at CES — I’m a traditional thinker with a progressive attitude and the thought of social media taking over our world, our kids brains and social aptitude just kills me.  Of course, I’m in the industry so what I dislike about it, I also love about it.  He accused me of being an “old fashioned thinker” when I pointed out how sad that our young generation are losing the art of a true social life.  “It’s just the way it is and it’s progress,” he said.  And he’s not wrong either!

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Maybe We Should…New Year’s Resolutions #HappyReinventing

Me? Write a New Year’s Resolution blog? You bet! Wouldn’t miss a chance like this while it’s the topic of conversation to inspire, motivate and remind you of what you’re capable of being in this lifetime.

If not now, when?

Yes, this is the same me who previously avoided putting out a blog during New Years as it was too “cliche” … I believed. So many resolutions established and unfulfilled. I just didn’t want to get into it in a New Year’s blog as I like to inspire year-round, not just once a year.

But maybe we really need to take heed of this age old tradition. After so many years of saying and resolving NOT to make any resolutions, we stop believing in the magic of simply setting our minds to something and making it happen.

That’s all it’s about, yet the repeated failures at whatever that lofty goal was causes us to eventually lose faith in ourselves and the ability to believe we have the discipline to stick to something we’re committed to.

The more that happens, we tend to give in to status quo – and our big dreams become smaller and smaller. Our visions of what we see ourselves doing becomes relegated to someone else and then we look on as an eager and wishful by-stander. Is that really what you want?

What we forget is it’s not too late to create those realities for ourselves. This year, have the courage to make one or two resolutions – make them “bite size,” achievable, attainable, then set more milestones. No need to take it all on at once.

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DOORS – The Gateway to Reinvention



Doors – they hold the promise of something new, curiosity, adventure, fresh starts, mystery. They all stand just on the other side of that door.  So close yet so far away.  Bringing two worlds together, yet part of the same. Inches apart yet so divided.

Doors separate rooms, tones, themes, experiences, activities.  They have their own distinct space and worlds yet that one door brings them together when open. Blending the visual and energy of two different spaces.  As you step through one to the other, the new environment is usually in deep contrast to the other, leaving traces of the old to the new.  The door symbolizes a gateway to something different.

The metaphor of a door captures the moment in time when we’re on the precipice of a movement, decision, opportunity. We stand in the familiar, with the vision of what’s on the other side right before us.  We can choose to walk through it, we can choose to stand in the doorway till we’re ready,  we can turn back and never cross that threshold.

Doors offer a glimpse into the future.. what’s next. The option to indulge in it are yours. Is it freedom or confinement? Future or regression? Stand still or Reinvent your life? These defining moments, whether small or large are the doorways of your life that offer you opportunity or confine you. The choice is always yours.

I always walk through those doorways, usually I run thru them, excitedly approaching what’s next. What do you do? How do you live your life?

And what does your doorway look like? Big, small. simple, ornate? Wood, iron? With windows, without? How do the doors that present themselves in your life show up? And when? Are they barriers for you? Do they stop you or invite you?

There’s a saying that when one door closes, another opens.   Do you believe this?

What’s your interpretation of the doors in your life?


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“Running in Heels” – Ladies, Listen Up – This One’s For You! #HappyReinventing

A friend of mine recently referred to me as the “CEO of Running in Heels Magazine” — I laughed, thought it was cute and clever, and then realized what it really meant.

I’m sure many of you can relate to that statement and I’m officially owning it. It may be a metaphor but I can truly say I have definitely spent the last 30 years running in heels – from the day I opened the doors of my business – chasing and running after new business, running after the desire to be the best at what I do, keep everyone happy, meet our deadlines, reach our goals and build a successful life full of love, health and prosperity.

Then came a family – running to create the ideal home, running to the market, running to the home design and supply stores to get the house in livable condition and keep improving on it (for 30 years), running to have a full social life, running to get home on time, running to put a meal on the table, running to keep my man happy.

Then came my fabulous children – running from work to home and back in the early days while juggling babies, nursing, diaper changing, playtime, reading time, cuddle time…all while juggling work, deadlines, clients, business travel. Running to and from one obligation to another while running home to those sweet and slowly growing faces, hugs, intense moments of love, education and entertainment.

Then came school years – running to and from school meetings, events, conferences, functions, projects while running back to clients, office, work, airports and definitely running to airplanes. Running to get a little food, a little workout, a little playtime, and some lovin’ with my hubby.

Now I find myself running to catch my breath, running to find balance, running to find some inner peace while still juggling, running, traveling, working and running a great family and business!

Of course, as the years have gone on we find new things to run to and from, we find new passions, hobbies, social occasions to layer into our fabulous and busy lives so we just keep running and running. We never really stop to think about the fact that we’re running from here to there – physically, mentally, emotionally – we just do it, as it’s just the way we have to move through all the things we have created in our lives.

All while wearing heels…

Yes, almost every day! I’m on the short side so I always felt that heels best complimented by work attire, definitely made me feel up to the task, and when I found platform sandals for weekends…eureka!

So yes, I deserve this title – CEO of Running in Heels Magazine – I own it and wear it proudly…as do all of the women out there who are running in these same heels! All the power to us! Have we started a new movement? Better run off to figure this out and build another business vertical!!


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I love other peoples’ stories. I see a family , a woman eating alone, a man in a biz suit, two friends chatting, a group of teenagers hanging out…and I’m curious.  Who are they, where are they from, what have they endured, who have they inspired, what’s been their contribution to humanity or community, are they happy or sad, coming or going, simple or complex, where were they born, where are they headed, what do they think about, what’s their story???

Not everything and everyone is as they appear and behind everything we see is some kind of story, anecdote, history, future, nuggets of what I deem to be interesting…

All around us there are stories – they just show up in different ways – songs, ads, social messages, movies, TV shows, photographs.

By nature, we are curious human beings and thus the ongoing interest in stories.

Everyone is a story, they are the center of their story, the Protagonist – each and everyone of us.  We bring our own self-working, emotions and experiences to all that is around us and everyone we interact with and it shapes how we perceive and experience our worlds.

The little anecdotes that are our lives are either gone unnoticed or become headlines…or somewhere in between, and they’re all little stories.

Have you ever looked at a house on your street and wondered who lives there? Watched a little old lady walking down the street and wondered what her long life sorry can tell – history, joys, observations, wisdoms, heartbreak, moments of courage?  The man sitting with his two boys having breakfast – is it just another day in their routine or is this the special monthly breakfast with divorced parents?

I’m always curious, I love to wonder and weave stories and tales in my mind and then wonder how right or wrong my hunch is about what I’m observing?

As I go about my busy day with my very busy mind, it never ceases to amaze me the room for this imaginative thought.  It’s a game of sorts and is probably the reason I don’t mind chatting with strangers.

So next time you glance at the old man crossing the road, that teenager with her friends giggling over a coffee at Starbucks, that sad lady on the phone in the middle of a shopping center, the young man at the grocery checkout, the clerk helping you at the yogurt store…everyone has a story – they’re the protagonist in their life and just maybe we’re playing a supporting role in their story.

Aren’t you a bit curious?

What’s your story? Are you living the story you want your life to be? It’s never too late to Reinvent your life in a myriad of ways.


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Summer Inspires Reflection…and Reinvention


Reinvention, renewal, inspired ideas…they all have time to breed just a little more during those lazy summer afternoons when you may be taking an extra walk, sitting on a beach, hopefully even holidaying somewhere wonderful.

These are moments when we disconnect from the everyday moments that drive our every movement, the tasks and the chores of life, jobs, family, commitments and just take a deep breath – literally and metaphorically.

When you take that deep breath, that pause, that moment of reflection, what do you do with that time? What could you do with that time?  Are you using it in a quiet and important way to focus on you?

Hello, are you still in there?  It’s not such an odd question, really.  Don’t we all get so caught up in the business of life, that we don’t stop to make sure we’re on the right trajectory?

That time is yours – so use it wisely.  Are you doing what you want? Inspiring yourself to have the greatness in your life you deserve?  Loving the best way you can? Sharing the way you want? Indulging in the things you love? Nurturing your passions?

Every moment is a chance for Reinvention so never stop asking yourself if you’re happy and how to have more of what you want/need/love in your life.

Be Inspired, Get Inspired and Go For It – It’s Yours!

Have a beautiful Summer Day.


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Re-Find Your Passion – Tennis Was My First Love

LIVE WITH PASSION quoteWhen I was a little girl, I learned to play tennis. My dad played semi-pro in Australia against some of the big Aussie tennis names and understood the value and fun of the game – old school tennis, clay courts, tennis whites, wood rackets.  Classic!

Lucky for me, my parents instilled that love for tennis in us kids as well.  My sisters and I loved to play and I took that much further – always had a racquet in my hand and as we moved from country to country, tennis was my sanctuary, my “go to place.”  A way to bond with new friends in new places with some common ground.

I played through high school – chose cheerleading over tennis team (yes, admitting it!), through college, and always recreationally with friends and family.

And then it stopped…just like that, life got in the way, and it wasn’t until my boys were old enough that I had to get them on the court and get a racquet in their hands too. A life skill, sport and passion that I wanted them to have.

As I started to play here and there with them, it reminded me how much I loved and missed the game and vowed every time to keep playing…but I didn’t.  Life got in the way.

They went to tennis camp every summer, played occasionally with friends and the occasional family trek to the court – 6 blocks away -happened.

I had “tennis envy” of everyone that played and still loved the game but everything else seemed to take precedent and I was doing all these other activities – Zumba, Pilates, business activities, mom jobs… but not tennis.

Fast forward – my youngest son is on the high school tennis team and for years has become an excellent player.  For the last few years when I asked him to play he refused.  Thought he was too good and didn’t want to bother with me!

Hmmm – that got me going and when my husband asked me to sign up with him for a tennis clinic, without thinking I said “yes.”

That first week I played five times, enlisted a coach and for three months I have been fully re-engaged in what was my first love and passion – tennis.

I cannot tell you how incredible it feels to be reconnected …

My scheduling priorities have shifted from “I can’t exercise to because I have a business dinner,” to “I can’t do that business dinner or drinks…because I’m playing tennis!”  As a result, I’m also finding lots of new tennis partners – business colleagues and friends – that we can now socialize over a game, rather than the traditional lunch, drinks, dinner plans.  Love that!

What’s your passion that you’d love to rekindle?  What’s that one thing you keep saying you want to do or revisit that you once loved? Was it learning a language? Playing the guitar? Painting? Indulging in some hobby that made you happy?

This Reinvention is a tremendous antidote to boredom, a mid-life crisis, a yearning to stir things up in your life, a desire to be happy and just have fun,  so if you have that itch and feel the need to mix things up a bit and nurture your passions, give it a try – you’ll be amazed at the results you feel and how it affects so much of your life. #GoHaveFun


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You CAN Have Your Cake And Eat It Too!!! Go Ahead – Reinvent Your Life – Just How You Want It!

Since it’s my Birthday week, it’s quite fitting to share this post …as I will be having my cake and eating it too!!

“You CAN have your cake and eat it too!”  We’ve all heard that expression throughout our lives and many have come to accept it.  But have you ever thought about what it really means, and why CAN’T you have your cake and eat it too?

Think about it – the expression implies that you can have your cake – but what? You’re supposed to just stare at it and NOT eat it?

When it comes to Life Reinvention – I’m a firm believer that you MUST have your cake, and  you MUST eat it too!!

You are entitled to have what you want in life – you have the power and your responsibility is to use it, own it and grab life by the horns and make it what you want.

No wonder so many people are lost and stuck in a life that they don’t want to be living.  They’ve been brought up believing that they are not to indulge in the things in life that make them happy and that you can only have “so much” but not the whole enchilada!

That’s absurd!  Why on earth can you not do what you love, be with who you want to be, create the hobbies and interests that you want to cultivate, build the life that is your optimal existence.  If you’re not hurting others, and what you want is not at someone else’s expense, you deserve to pursue all that makes you happy.

Are you afraid to go after it? Do you think you may not succeed? You won’t be able to attain it? Is the risk not worth the reward?

You need to prioritize yourself and begin to create the framework for what you want.  These can be small reinventions – baby steps towards the bigger goal.  But start setting your sights on what you want from your life and be clear about how to get there. I often talk about creating that roadmap – without it you just won’t get there or be able to chip away at the obstacles with clarity if you can’t define the path for yourself.

You want to have your cake AND eat it too? Then go for it!

Here’s what I do to stay the course, after I’ve identified something that I want to embrace (or tackle) as a new part of  “project me”…

Every night I go to bed, thinking about the few major things I want to accomplish the next day (or on Sundays, for the next week – in which case I write it down.)  Sometimes they are personal goals, some are business goals and tactical plans…. Some are family plans and projects… I’m not a  “type A” person, or so I’d like to think, but I find it keeps my head organized and clutter free, and it helps me get through the things I want.

We all  juggle a lot and keeping all the plates in the air is a fine skill – fun if you really master the art – a daily challenge – but fun, nonetheless!  Weekends are for the loftier goals but squeezing in some of the soft and precious stuff into the middle of a work week is good for the soul.  Sit back in the middle of a busy day – close your eyes – take a deep breath and clear your mind.  Allow yourself that focus and clarity to indulge and get back to “you”.

When was the last time you stopped and put yourself at the front of the line?  You’re entitled…

Yes, you’re entitled to have your cake and go ahead…EAT IT TOO!!!

And to quote the amazing new campaign by CADILLAC – #DareGreatly

“Our Greatest glory is not in never falling, but in getting up every time we do.” – Confucius


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Binge Watching – the Latest Reinvention of Entertainment Consumption

Over the holidays you’ll have time on your hands to do the things you’ve been talking about for months – one of my favorites is Binge Watching some of those great shows that I couldn’t quite fit into the schedule while juggling work, clients, family and everything else in my hectic life.

So now we have a few weeks of down time to indulge, what’s going to be your pleasure? Have you thought about the whole notion of Binge Watching?

This is the Reinvention of something we’ve been doing for a long time. The thirst for engagement in a good story and its characters is the reason we’ve loved to read since the beginning of the written word, only now we have new platforms and media on which to consume these stories.

Binge watching is like reading a book. All these shows are now at your disposal on the many televisions and gadgets we have at our fingertips, and just like a book that you can read all in one seating, you can now watch 8-12 episodes one after another. It’s the old fashioned way of consuming entertainment and why books have been around and enjoyed forever. Binge Watching is just a little easier and certainly entertaining.

Has Binge Watching taken a page from good ole fashion reading? I believe it has. Chapter after chapter – episode after episode; you can keep reading and reading as you get immersed in the story, the characters and get to shut out the rest of your real world while you delve deeper into the story-telling. That said, nothing replaces a great book!!!

Is anything ever really new? In the marketing business we constantly borrow from other industry practices to make something feel new and different.  That’s all that’s happened here, yet no one has recognized the similarities between these two entertainment habits. So whether it’s NETFLIX, HULU, SHOWTIME, HBO, ABC, NBC, CBS, A&E, FOX, Amazon or any other great platforms – go find that series everyone’s been talking about and take some time off from the real world to enjoy a little!  Whether it’s Binge Watching…or Binge Reading – just indulge yourself in great story-telling.

Reinventing our world …what’s old is new.  Where else might we see this?

What will you indulge in during these holidays?

Share your thoughts and comments and what’s your favorite series that you’ve Binge Watched?

Enjoy and #HappyReinventing

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OPEN THE NEXT CHAPTER – Kick-start your Reinvention


You’ve weighed all the critical issues, banged your head against the wall, complained to everyone you know, you walk around grumpy or frustrated but you’re not sure why. You know you need to do something, you’re just not quite sure what that “something” is.

It’s time to Reinvent Your Life, so, now what do you do?

Let’s start here…what were you doing when you were five years old, maybe 12, perhaps 17? When were you truly happy?

What did you dream about doing when you grow up? A rock star, an artist, a fireman, a dancer…

Dig deep, close your eyes and think of what you used to imagine your life to be …”one day.”

The little rock star grew up, was told to go to school, learn something that would help make you money one day and get a job so you could help support the family…the guitar that you might have played as a teenager started to gather dust and ultimately got sold in the garage sale or put away in the attic (figuratively and literally).

So here you are, 25 years later, the lawyer, chained to your desk, your life duties, commitments, financial responsibilities…now your kid’s dreams perhaps?

I ask you this – when was the last time you picked up a guitar?

Did you ever consider how you’d feel if you bought yourself a guitar? The thrill of nurturing your decadent, ridiculous, childish whim? Ok, so maybe you’ll not become the next Eddie VanHalen but what if you took guitar lessons – get a book, remind yourself how to play; maybe get some “like-minded” buddies together and put a weekend garage band together.

Sound ridiculous? FABULOUS! It should!! This will nurture your soul in a way you can’t imagine, and clearly haven’t dared to dream of doing!

And they wonder why people go through a mid-life crisis?  It doesn’t have to be a crisis – it’s called nurturing your soul and indulging your passions!

Perhaps when you go to work on Monday, you’ll have a skip in your step or a smile on your face that just wasn’t there before.

The goal here is to create balance, dig deep and tap into the things that stir you and give you a sense of accomplishment, satisfaction, stimulation and simply make you happy while getting back in touch with your true self.

Hello, are you still in there?

Ask yourself that question and look back to that moment when you dreamed.  It’s priceless…


–     Keep notes on the things that make you smile in the course of your day – track it in a little notebook —

  • the things that make your heart sing
  • the places you like to go
  • the smells you like
  • the sounds that you like…all of these are little signs of the things in life you want to surround yourself with.
  • go somewhere and daydream
  • get magazines of all sorts – flip thru them and pull out anything that gets your attention – a headline, a chair, the color of a wall, a favorite shoe, a look, a font style a profound statement…collect things that excite or interest you
  • do you see a pattern, similarities – anything that inspires a “maybe I could/should” thought?
  • do it again a few weeks later
  • look in the classified ads – ideas
  • create a budget of your life – What do you need – then write it down – what you want – include what you have to take care of and the things you’d like to include – aka “indulgences” – i.e. vacations, college savings, shopping, sushi one time a week, language lessons…
  • establish the connection between need-want-attain through happiness
  • believe it, project it, create it, visualize and then detail the process to get there
  • the success, the challenges
  • the ideas, the tactics
  • the exit strategy for your current situations

You’re entitled so there’s no need to deprive yourself of the life you want. Take care of the ones around you, don’t abandon them in what might be considered a selfish aspiration, but take the baby steps to create your own happiness. If it’s a bold Reinvention that doesn’t affect others, have the courage to go for it.

  • Sunshine? Go outside!
  • Food? Go get it!
  • Work? Do more of it!
  • Leisure Time? Create more of it!
  • People? Invite them into your life more!
  • Music? Turn it on!

The answers to these  questions help you focus on the things you love – bringing them to the forefront of your mind – articulating and identifying the things that make you feel simply fabulous!!

Always have a vision of the future you want!

Enjoy and #HappyReinventing

Share your stories with me as and let me know what little or big Reinventions you’ve created in your life.  I’d love to include them in the website and Huffington Post blogs, and we’re seeking great stories for my book and TV show and Web Series in development.

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How would you finish that sentence? Do find yourself thinking this often?

Would have, should have, could have… Do you say that to yourself? Do others say it to you?

Is that how you truly want to live your life?

Seconds, minutes, hours, days, weeks, months, years…they fly by and sometimes you’re inclined to wake up and say “where did the time go?”

Do you want to live a life of few regrets? Do you want to live with passion and fulfill some of your dreams? Well it won’t happen all on its own. You have to consciously create your reality and your life to make it what you want.

In a bad relationship? Sure you can live with it for a while and maybe continue to be somewhat happy. Maybe you’re both better off moving on and creating an even better life with someone more caring/engaged. If time has changed both of you or one of you and your relationship has shifted, it may be hard to admit to it but if you both deserve happiness, maybe that’s ok.

What about a job that isn’t quite what you’ve dreamed about ? You keep putting off the work involved in finding a better career or job thinking that “it will never happen anyway” or maybe you “don’t deserve it.” But you do deserve it and if it means finding a passion in life and seeking ways to make money from that business, there are ways to get there. So, what exactly are you doing about it?

Change is never easy, but Reinvention and evolution can be really fun. Don’t think of it as leaving other things behind, rather as a chance to take lessons and findings from where you’ve been and that all those have been a springboard to what’s next. Don’t have regrets for what you’ve been doing in any of these places in your life – work, relationships, spiritual, health – they’ve made you who you are today and led to this point of clarity and inspiration to create something even greater.

If you take the time to focus on the parts of your life that are worthy of a little Reinvention, you can dig into it – call it “PROJECT ME” and go for it.

Come up with your Action List – pros, cons, things you have to do, people who may be a part of it, a timeline, goals, milestones, and ideas that will get you there.

Write it down – Buy a great little notebook and make it your place to check in with daily. Create tabs or sections for each category you want to focus on and the project details listed above. You can use a computer or notepad on your smartphone, but writing on paper in a little notebook that you can always have with you will give you access to it all the time and actually is more visceral – connecting at a deeper level with you, thus helping you to actualize it.

Make a date with yourself – pick a time each day that you know you can stick to – wake up 15 min. earlier, 15 min before bedtime, 15 min of your lunch hour. Whatever else you’ve been doing, make this your new priority – “PROJECT ME” should be your priority – if you don’t put yourself first, who will?

Use this time for research, jotting down ideas and plans, making lists of how you’re going to accomplish your goals, write down the challenges you foresee, how you’ll overcome them.

Set the intention of what you want to the point that it’s so clear you can feel it, smell it, taste it and help manifest it becoming your new reality.

Remember, many months ago in a previous blog, I shared with you that if you have a road map but don’t establish where you want to go, how are you going to get “there”? If you don’t know what/where “there” is…it just can’t appear in front of you. A road map is literally that – a series of moves and directions to where you want to end up.

Reinvention and evolution in your life are inspired, creative, exciting times – and they’re YOURS – you don’t need to rely on ANYONE else to make a decision for you and set the course for this process and journey.

I’ve been juggling a fabulous company for 26 years, an incredible family and tremendous friends. My life is wonderful and every day I wonder what else I can fill my life with – the world and our lives have so much to offer us.

My Reinvention (one of the many and ongoing) is incorporating this Reinvention “business” into my existing life, all while running a successful marketing/branding/sponsorship agency for global clients.  Making time and effort to make this happen isn’t easy – as anyone who knows me will tell you – but it’s worth it. I am writing blogs, a book, doing interviews, creating a TV project, looking at brand extensions and other ways to bring these stories and this inspiration to thousands. It’s my “hobby” for now but could one day be a media company and brand that will deliver more than just smiles to others.

If you had the chance to dig in and create your Reinvention, what would it be?


Share your stories with me – whether you’re dreaming about it, working on it, have done it – how are you Reinventing your life?

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End of Summer…Chill – Reflect – Reinvent

It’s Labor Day weekend – a great time to reflect on the beauty of the Summer while digging into the “back-to-school” mentality of the Fall.  Maybe you had a few lazy days where you got to reflect on your life, dream about the things you intend to do this coming year and actually made that list that will be your roadmap for your Reinvented future.

Or maybe you didn’t…

That’s ok – it’s never too late!  You can do it any time – steel 15 minutes and make a list of all the fun you want to be having in your life, the dreams you’ve not yet fulfilled, the places you want to go, the career you wish you had, the relationships you’d love to surround yourself with, the health regimen you are inspired by, or the hobbies that you’d love to indulge in.

Lists – commitments – visualization – action…

It’s not that complicated if you create the intention and have the true desire to Reinvent your life, even in some tiny little way.

This is YOUR life – so seize the day and don’t let fear of change get in your way.  Life can be a tremendous adventure and each time you take those baby steps to creating what you want, the rewards will feel fabulous.  Allow yourself that.

Indulge yourself – you absolutely deserve it!

Enjoy and #HappyReinventing

Happy Labor Day

Share your stories with me as and let me know what little or big Reinventions you’ve created in your life.  I’d love to include them in the website and Huffington Post blogs, and we’re seeking great stories for my book and TV show in development.

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TIME OUT! This is Your Life! Reinvention Inspiration

It’s time for an adult TIME OUT! If you can dream it, you can create it!

Do you ever take the time to think about your life? Are you satisfied, elated, complacent, living the dream?  Is it time to answer that question honestly and own your truth?

It’s ok to admit that you’re not living your life just how you want it.  It could be something minor that you just wish you were doing.  It may be a major life decision that you keep putting off, thinking it’s easier to stay in your comfort zone.

Maybe it’s time you allow yourself an adult TIME OUT and a chance to sit back, address the question and focus on your dreams and what you really want in this one life you have.

We are all caught up in the day-to-day of our lives – the work, family, friends, life juggling act. How often do you create “me time”? Like most, probably never. 

Do you feel that those fleeting thoughts while you’re driving, doing dishes or working out is sufficient “me time” to figure it all out? 

News flash – it’s not enough and it’s not dedicated to you and your very specific agenda of Reinventing your life.

If you’re curious or committed, research shows that you actually need to set time aside with a focus and purpose.  Even put an agenda of topics together to think about!

This may sound a little crazy or unnecessary, however, if you think about it, those thoughts such as “I wish I could…” Or “I’m going to try something different…” Or when the kids grow up I will finally do…” or “I’m too young to be feeling this way…” are all good, a start, but it’s a far cry from putting a true road map together to actually realizing your Reinvention.

 Make a date with yourself a “Time Out Weekend” – a half day, a weekend, a few weeks – whatever you can carve out. Create a few lists that you can work from as your working tasks for that time.

 The lists should consist of:

1. What I used to dream of, think my life would be like when I was younger.  Cover different topics – personal, relationships, health, work, career, hobbies, spiritual, community, volunteer, friendships.

2. Why I took the path I did to be where I am today – who influenced me, why I am where I am, what impact on my life do I believe these things are having on where I want to be.

3. What I envision I could create in my life if I really made it a priority. Cover different topics – personal, relationships, health, work, career, hobbies, spiritual, community, volunteer, friendships.

Be honest with yourself. You don’t need to share this with anyone – it’s for your use and as you spend time with this exercise, look at the gap between your reality and your dreams.  Where can you bridge that gap? What plans can you make to affect just one piece of your life? How can you empower yourself to Reinvent your life?

If you start with this gift to yourself – the gift of time and reflection – you’ll be on the way to creating a profound change that you never realized was possible.

Allow yourself this indulgence. This is YOUR life and you deserve it. Let your fears become adventures. Let your trepidation become courage. Let your complacency become happiness. 

Take a little time out!

Enjoy and #HappyReinventing


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High School Graduates – They’ve Got it Right!


Need inspiration ? Take a page from the young high school graduates and it will remind you of something we all need more of – a degree if innocence, optimism, belief and adventure.

My son just graduated high school and aside from the overwhelming, surreal place we’ve all arrived in our lives, that 18 years have passed us by, that my gorgeous little baby is now a young man about to go off into the big wide world alone and live a life that I won’t be as much a part of, that it tears my heart out while I’m so incredibly proud and excited for him, are all beside the point! Well, not really, but for the purpose of today’s blog, it is…

As we sat through the graduation speeches, and listened to the words of these young adults, there were some moments of clarity in all that I do in this Reinvention space.

We, as adults, have lost sight of the wonder, the hopefulness, the vision and the world of opportunity that we once looked through the lenses of when we were younger.

We hear in these speeches an extraordinary sense of optimism and a great sense of adventure to take on the world.  They don’t speak about fear and the things they can’t do and have to do. They speak of the excitement with which they’re going to conquer the world and their own lives.

There’s both a beauty and a truth in this that we must all remind ourselves of.  The spirit of Reinvention means going right back to that place, that moment in time, that feeling that sets your nerve endings on fire that you just want to jump out of your seat and go do something special with your life.

Take a moment and find that spirit in you – hello, are you still in there?  Get to the core of who you are, what you want and go out and create it.  Don’t let anyone or anything hold you back because of duty, conventional wisdoms, status quo.  Pretend you’re that 18 year old graduating senior all over again and think about what would you do with your life if you could Reinvent it all over again.

You can – it may take some planning, some entry level positions, some late nights studying, some moments of stepping way out of your comfort zone.  No one ever got anything without dedication, commitment and a sense of direction that wasn’t worthwhile so if you’re seeking that way of inspired living, chart your course and go conquer your life!


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Reinvention – The Ultimate Self Intervention!


Imagine my surprise when I had a call from a friend who need my help dealing with a personal issue with her son.  He was indulging just a little too much in pot smoking for a teenager and she felt at a loss on how to handle it.  Her conversations with him were falling on deaf teenage ears, her ex-husband wasn’t quite aligned with her POV and his friends could only say so much.  One thing she was certain of was that if he was going to stop, she’d need some outside help and she was calling in the cavalry.

I was touched and sympathetic, and although this wasn’t an “official” intervention, it was definitely something I had skills for that could be put to use – getting to the root of an issue, analyzing why one chooses to live in their current state, what the pleasure and pain principles are that are attached, what’s the ideal and desired outcome, and how to set the roadmap for change.

An Intervention is a cry for Reinvention. And a Reinvention requires a significant Self Intervention!

This is so similar to the work we do when we’re trying to reinvent our lives.  This notion of self intervention requires taking stock of the present and assessing the future.  If you’ve identified something that you’d like to reinvent in your life – health, spiritual, career, relationships, hobbies, family, habits – you’ve started the process.

You may need a support system, your own “cavalry” to give you moral, financial or physical support.  The sooner you can define who your champions and the nay-sayers are, the better.  You want to make sure that your path is clear and your goals are defined so that when someone tries to rattle your dream, you’re not easily swayed. Finding a mentor that can give you true insights and help build your confidence in what you’re doing is always smart.

How about trying a “Reinvention for a Day” program – do you want to learn Italian? Learn how to cook? Start a new work out program? Look at a new career? Find a day that you can dedicate to “the day in the life” and step into those shoes for a day?  Sounds like a great idea, doesn’t it? The greatest way to create your new reality is to experiment with it and see how it feels. Once you’ve stepped into it, you will figure out if it’s something you want more of and how to build it further into your life.

So go ahead, experiment, touch it, feel it, taste it and create your own intervention – disrupt the norm of your everyday life and go for it! Reinvent Your Life a little!

Some inspired quotes

It always seems impossible until its done.  Nelson Mandela

Action is the foundational key to all success.  Pablo Picasso

Develop success from failures. Discouragement and failure are two of the surest stepping stones to success.  Dale Carnegie

I don’t know the key to success, but the key to failure is trying to please everybody.  Bill Cosby

Positive thinking will let you do everything better than negative thinking will.  Zig Ziglar

The way to get started is to quit talking and begin doing.  Walt Disney


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Where does one gain the courage to make a change?  It’s a great leap of faith and takes courage to define and explore your wants and needs in life.  When you understand that you need a change or have merely entertained the thought, the first reaction is usually, fear.  Fear of the unknown.  Reality of some sort sets in and you quickly negate the notion that you’re even entitled.  You play the same mantra over and over in your head, you come up with the same excuses and you rationalize to yourself all the reasons why your can’t pursue that dream, passion, relationship, career or goal.

It’s absurd and sad.  If not you, then, who?  How often do look at someone and wish you could have what they do?  You read about someone’s accomplishment or a story of their life and wonder if you could have done that. You sit in your job day-in and day-out “wishing” your life was different.  You see the way others are taking on the world and you want that, even a part of it.  But what is stopping you?  There’s absolutely no reason you can’t create the life you want.  It may take time, dedication, focus, but you can control all of this and not let the courage to do it get in the way.

I was recently at a marketing and sponsorship conference in Chicago.  An amazing city and a fabulous time.  I met some inspiring and fascinating peers in my business, heard stories of great reinventions – some done, some desired, some in the works.  I made new friends.  It made me look around and once again acknowledge that we’re all looking to be inspired, feel fulfilled, successful in some measure and happy with ourselves and our lives.  I heard so many stories from folks who were either excited about their lives, and in other cases, looking for the next great chapter.  Where do you fit on that spectrum?

What  on earth is stopping you from taking those steps?

Six action items you can do today to move towards your desired future:

  • Recognize that you’d like to create something new in your life – job, personal, health, spiritual, hobbies, skills
  • Identify and write down what it is, when you’d like to start why you’re interested in Reinventing part of your life; do it with true intention
  • Establish what the first 3-4 steps will be to move towards that goal – research, meeting with someone, go out and see how it’s being done, join a club or association that’s relevant…
  • Put a timeline down for yourself to take a few first steps – whether it’s days, weeks, months, even years and a gradual transition is required. For example: Tuesday night – research on subject xyz; Saturday afternoon – visit with someone who is in this new area of interest and ask them all the questions that are on your mind,
  • Keep a daily journal of related activities and ideas
  • Start to populate a plan that will move you towards your goals and share with others what you’re doing.  You’d be surprised how many will know someone or something that could be helpful to you and want to encourage you to do this.

So take one small step towards creating your life with courage. Don’t sit on the sidelines and look at others in awe when that could be you fulfilling your own dreams.  What may seem like a daunting task and unachievable is yours with each and every step you make towards it.  Every little step will be a major milestone for you to celebrate – with a pat on the back, a glass of wine, a victory dance – it’s yours so own it!

Enjoy and #Happy Reinventing

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A-HA MOMENTS – The Key to Reinventing Your Life, So Don’t Ignore Them!

“A-HA moments” – they’re everywhere. But do you hear them? Do you recognize them and are you aware of the true impact an “A-HA moment” can have on your life?

When you meet someone who’s doing what they love with their life, it’s interesting to ask them what their “A-HA moment” was.

Some had it at a young age and others didn’t have it till after they turned 50.  “A-HA moments” come in all shapes and sizes, we just have to be open to listen and look for them when they show up for us.

Do you take for granted the things that make your heart full and race with excitement? Do you recognize the moments that you appreciate something or the times that you “wish” you could be doing “X” ?

Well, you may just want to stop and think a little deeper about those moments and what they really mean to you.

Reinventing your life is all about the “A-HA moments”!  The moment when you acknowledge that no matter where you are in your life, you realize that there’s something else you want to do, feel, live, engage in and you recognize it.  You then decide to act on it and start the process of Reinventing your life as you look head on to the journey and process that might be required.

If you listen carefully to yourself, you’ll start to notice the cues that will lead you to what you wish you were doing, creating, living and being.

It’s no coincidence – they are your moments and they’re so quietly yours that you may not even realize how powerful they really are.

Have you been living in the shadows of someone else’s dream of who you are, should be, or the way they want you to live?

Start looking for those “A-HA moments” in your life and take note of what it could mean to you to own the life you really want to have.

If it’s not too disruptive and won’t impact those around you in a severe or hurtful way, you can start to explore and research all the ways you can attain that dream.

The question you often hear – “If money was no object, what would you be doing with your life?”- is a good measure of where you’re at and where you want to be?  There could be a small or large piece of your life that you can reinvent to have what you want around you every day.

Don’t take that inner voice for granted next time you have an “A-HA moment” – listen, take note, and start the process of your life Reinvention!

Enjoy and #HappyReinventing

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Can Your Passion or Hobby Lead to a Reinvention?

Can your passion or hobby lead to a Reinvention?

You may be searching for your passion but maybe you’re trying too hard. In my journey and as I interview people for my book and new TV show, I hear many struggle with finding their passion.

Reinvention is about having that “aha moment” – saying to yourself “I want more,” “I want something different or new,” “I deserve to have something fun and beautiful in my life and I’m going to re-prioritize”…now, what is it?

Finding you passion is a very lofty and ambitious goal and like your Reinvention journey, there’s a roadmap to get there. You can’t necessarily wake up one day and “know” what your passion is or should be. It becomes daunting and then you’re disillusioned that you haven’t got a passion and there must be something wrong with you. Then you stop searching for something wonderful that you can enjoy…a hobby.

So start with a simple hobby – no agenda, no long term plan that this is going to “save your life” or get you out of what you’re doing. Just something that complements your day-to-day journey. Cooking, jewelry making, play an instrument, create some art, learn a language, kite flying, knitting, cycling, rock climbing, start a collection of something… Allow yourself an hour or two a week to indulge in it and see how much you can nurture your soul and find interest in something that’s yours and special to you. You’ll mingle with like-minded people around something of interest to you all and you never know what might come from that – but you have to allow it, that’s all.

Often, as we get older, priorities shift and we start to let go of those things that are important to us – we take care of others in our lives, we commit to our jobs and careers, which often aren’t related to our hobbies or interests but are simply a means to an end.

We then justify why we don’t have time for the things that make us feel good and settle for a complacent life.

It could be that a simple hobby, something you can have fun with and enjoy may ultimately become your passion. Then you can figure out if that hobby can transform your life.

You may need to pull your head out of your phone or computer long enough to see what’s going on around you. Do you realize how much of the world around you you’re missing as you text and email while you walk around? You’re probably not always present in your real world environment, surroundings and human interaction as you’re searching, reading and engaging in your digital microcosm.

It’s a bit of a metaphor for the way we live – buried in the present and not looking up to recognize what the world around us has to offer. Perhaps if we dreamed a little more and recognized that we’re entitled to have our hobbies and dreams, our new reality could be just what we want.

I’ve been interviewing folks for my book and TV show and recently came across a story of a woman who discovered a buried talent as an artist. She didn’t even know that she had a talent in her. She wasn’t frustrated and didn’t even wish she could follow her dream. She didn’t even realize that she had a gift, but she stumbled upon it and she allowed herself to recognize that what she was doing was truly art. It took one or two people to validate their enthusiasm for what she was doing, and that just continued to feed her passion that just kept growing. Years later, she’s highly regarded in her field, is making a wonderful living and is fulfilling a dream she didn’t even know she had.

She was open and receptive to the fact that what was showing up in her life was something that she could nurture. She chose to make something more out of it and allowed it to flourish. This is remarkable.

So do something new, look for a hobby, not a passion and let it take you places unexpected. It’s good for the soul. It’s your Reinvention.

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My  new blog just posted to the Huffington Post – 

Are you ready to stop and get off the hamster wheel of life that’s just not reaching the place you think you want to go?  Are you really living your dreams?  It’s OK to want that.  You know you can have it with a big wake up call to yourself, a dose of reality, and a passion for self-adventure

So when it comes to reinventing your life, isn’t it daunting to even consider how you might accomplish that? After all, you’ve been moving along for 20, 30, 40 + years in one direction.

The notion of a change of direction, a sharp left turn is exciting and even adventurous but really, not as easy as it sounds.

Nonetheless, exciting! So if you really wanted to consider it, even if just for a moment, wouldn’t it be worth it? If you could end up with what you wanted, living the life you only fantasize about?

It really is possible.  You just have to be prepared for bumps, challenges, sleepless nights, awe-inspiring moments and lots of people being very envious of you for having the courage to take the leap and go for what you want and definitely what you deserve!

Oh, and the ultimate result – happiness!

So, this is a journey and it can be short for little reinventions, long and arduous for big reinventions but whatever you see, it can be yours.

I’ve talked in my blogs on the Huffington Post for the last year, about the lists, the journey, the action plans and I will say it over and over, you have to create your roadmap to get to your destination.

Think of something you’ve talked about doing for years but haven’t been able to accomplish.  Did you make a list of your goals and map out the process and steps to accomplish your goal?  Sound silly? Well it isn’t.  It actually is like clicking on Yahoo! Maps when you’re trying to get to an unknown destination – you get the visual map, the step-by-step directions and the amount of time it will take you given the various routes you choose from.  Notice that you also end up at your destination when you follow the road map!?

This is the same exercise only what you’re trying to accomplish is MUCH more important – this is your life!!!

So chart your course and own the life you want.  It’s yours for the taking.

The journey of a thousand miles begins with one step.” – Lao Tzu

People often say that motivation doesn’t last. Well, neither does bathing – that’s why we recommend it daily.” – Zig Ziglar

In order to succeed, your desire for success should be greater than your fear of failure.” – Bill Cosby

Enjoy and #HappyReinventing                       
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A New Year’s Reinvention

This is it – the day that we all resolve to look at our lives and do something different next year.  There’s no escaping it, it’s all around us and everyone’s talking about what they hope to do that will somehow improve the quality of their lives in 2014.  Ironically, last year, I chose not to write a blog about Reinvention and share these thoughts today because I believe that every day can be this day.  Reinvention is a great form of therapy and can be a good way to fight the post Holiday Blues.

If it were New Year’s Day 365 days a year, how would you Reinvent your life? The truth is, you can, and you are most likely to commit to it more if you start it any other day than today.  Getting swept up in the mass fanaticism of making a New Year’s Resolution isn’t as powerful as your own day of commitment that feels right for you.  Don’t  get me wrong, it’s a great starting point and I fully support you.  Just be aware of your intention and your focus to truly to commit to your Reinvention for all the right reasons – because it’s yours and you really want to do it.

Whether it’s a new career focus, a health kick, committing to volunteer work, more time with friends, traveling and expanding your horizons, going gluten-free, remodeling your home, kicking a bad habit – all Reinventions big or small are exciting and adventurous.  Lucky you for finding something that you want to focus on and evolve. Determine how you can create the journey to accomplish your goals, find the resources and support system you’ll need, establish your measurement for success and create milestones along the way so you can acknowledge and reward yourself.

If you can’t quite figure out what you want to Reinvent but you have that “itch,” look further for some inspiration at


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The Evolution of Reinvention – Make that Roadmap – Enjoy the Journey!

This post is part of the Do-Over! Dare-well Blog Tour: 9 Do-Over Divas Dishing about Reinvention brought to you by Katie Grant of Plume: a handcrafted copy shoppe. Pushing restart takes some gumption. This tour will give you that and then some.  Check out 

Reinvention is about evolution, not necessarily doing something over because you didn’t do it right the first time.  It’s about what’s next, what else is there for you, how you can make your life even greater than it is now and perhaps try something you’ve only dreamed of.

If you’re a dreamer and have a desire to Reinvent Your Life, it’s time to take those baby steps.  Taking baby steps isn’t always that easy. But with every step, you’ll get closer to your goals and realize there’s a way to achieve what you’re seeking in your life.

So often it is fear that stops us from making a change. No matter how big or small, fear is the one thing that most folks are really inhibited by.

Some people interpret change as a true adventure, but change can create a great sense of fear and panic. I’m fortunate to have grown up with a lot of changes my whole childhood and for me change was an adventure so I know it’s easy for me to say!

The way to grow and evolve is to make little changes and recognize the rewards that come with it.  For example, if the little reinvention in your life is to live more healthfully take one day and change the way you eat – cut out something that you no longer want in your diet – bread, pasta, sugar, dairy.  Maybe don’t do it all at once – just try one thing at a time. If you want to exercise and get into a regular routine make a commitment right now to take a walk. Do it right now, when you’re done reading this blog. Do it for 10 minutes and pat yourself on the back for “taking action” and enjoy the benefit of how proud you feel for just doing something different for yourself.

Don’t put it off to next week under the guise of “I’ll start next week!”  Empower yourself by doing something right away, no matter how small.

Next, find inspiration look for it everywhere – magazines, related industry newsletters, articles on the Internet, friends who have made interesting changes and reinventions in their lives. Look for ways to get inspired and find the little things that will help you the get to the next stage in your goals. Stay away from naysayers. They only wish they had the courage to take on the challenge of Reinvention and enhancing their lives the way you’re owning it.

Be around people who have the confidence to support you and that understand who you are and what our passions are.

Next -take the time to make a list. This is where it gets serious. Really give some thought to what you want and make a list.   Take the time to write down what it is that you’d like to reinvent in your life. Is it an exercise routine, health-related, career and work related? Do you wish you could do more volunteer work in the community? Is it friendship or a relationship that you need to evolve? Is there something that you just want to enhance in some way to make your life better?

If you don’t write down your goals and dreams and set the intention for what you want you’ll continue to talk about it and think about it but never set the roadmap in motion.  The roadmap, for any journey, is critical as it sets you on the path with a direction and a destination.  You can change it at any time as your plans and results evolve and grow – it’s yours. You just need to have that roadmap as your compass.

Remember – “If you continue to do what you’ve always done, you’ll always get what you’ve always had.”  Is that really what you want?

Enjoy and #HappyReinventing

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“Blurred Lines,” the song title that was all the rage this summer, is an interesting metaphor for how many people live their lives.

Are you open minded? Do you live with passion? Is your life your creation or someone else’s?

Do you have a clear cut definition of who you are and how you want to live?   Have you defined your personal self from your work self? Are they one-in-the-same? Are you living your dream or someone else’s? Is it all just a blur and you’re simply treading water because that’s just what you do?

As Socrates said – “The unexamined life is not worth living.”  There’s a reason he was recognized as an inspired and wise man that we still quote today.

We all know someone who is “stuck” in their lives and constantly sharing (aka complaining) about how miserable they are with something or someone.  It’s usually fear that stops them from confronting it head on and figuring out how to move on.  But really, what is “fear”?  Fear is in our imagination and is a choice.  We’re telling ourselves a story.  It’s not real. It’s what we make it.  It’s only as strong as the power and the voice you give it.

So how can you give so much power to something that is not real?  How can your journey, dreams, passions and life fantasies not be more powerful than fear?  Is the risk of daring and maybe failing, not so worth the reward?

How truly risky is that change and reinvention that you want to explore?

In my life change was always an adventure?  Throughout my childhood, we moved to three very different countries and had to start over with new neighborhoods, friends, schools and surroundings.  I loved it and took on each move with curiosity, a sense of exploration and an interest to build the next place in my life.  It gave me the tools to have an appreciation for new things and getting to know something or someone from the beginning.

When tackling a new project, client, hobby, friendship, it’s with this same attitude that I embrace it.

Not everyone has the same feeling about change and reinvention. The unknown can be a little daunting for some but I encourage you to look at the reward, the upside, the potential outcome.

Take baby steps to get there. Huge leaps aren’t necessary.

If you’re just procrastinating, try not to let your TO DO’s get in the way of your WHAT IF’s!

Spread your wings, find your passion and embrace the beauty and excitement of “newness.”

If you find something you like to do, you’ll never work a day in your life.


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Reflect. Recharge. Reinvent.

My latest blog – short and sweet – enjoy!
We have just celebrated the Jewish New Year and Yom Kippur.  It’s a time for reflection on ourselves and our lives.  It’s is a moment that we contemplate our actions and behavior and its a chance to think about who we want to be in this world.  A time to be open minded and explore the possibilities that allow you to be who you want to be every day.
When we stop everything we are doing we really allow ourselves to spend this time thinking.  What are our dreams, passions, actions, intentions?
Its a chance for clarity and it’s unencumbered, without others, phones, tasks, obligations. It’s just you with yourself.
If you had that time, where do you think it might take you?  How would you make your life just what you want it to be?  What would you like to accomplish in a moment of reflection?  Would it be a chance to recharge your batteries and focus on what piece of your life you’d like to reinvent?
Take advantage of those moments and if you need to, create them for yourself.  You’ll be amazed at how rewarding and inspiring it will be.
Allow it – you deserve it.  No one will give you that time, space or opening.  Reinvention starts with reflection. Reinvention starts with you!



Finding your Personal Brand through Reinvention – Back to School – Back to Reality – Back to Project “You”

Yes, it’s “Back to School” time.  Are you dreading it or are you feeling inspired and motivated by those dreamy, restful moments you’ve indulged in over the Summer?

Regardless of whether you enjoyed a long lazy vacation or glimpses of sunshine and soulful weekends, there’s no denying that “Back to School” puts a charge into the universe that says “get back to it all!”

So what’s your “all”?  If it’s work we’re talking about this time, ask yourself a few important questions –

  • Are you really doing what you want to do?
  • Are you happy in you environment? Do you like the commute?
  • Do you like your co-workers?
  • Is the job/career challenging, stimulating?
  • Are you paid enough? Are you making the money you want to live the way you want to live?
  • If you could pick any job and snap your fingers to be in it – what would it be?

If your response to these questions are leaning towards “a lot of changes required”… then it’s time to think about how to make those changes – that Reinvention in your life.

Whether it’s personal, work, spiritual, – there’s always a reason to make the change in life – find something new to explore – discover what’s in you and what the next chapter is going to be.

There may be things you’ve been wanting to do for years, months…you keep putting them off but they’re on your “Bucket List” – it may be to clean out the garage, get a new job, break up from a bad relationship, donate your time, travel the world, climb a mountain, learn a language…these little things that nag at you are there for a reason but you’re not giving them a voice or a place in your life.

Feeling the passion, trying to get clear on what moves us – emotionally, physically, mentally, and spiritually – whatever it is that connects with us – that’s what we need to listen to – that’s how we start to understand our PERSONAL BRAND.  Then we can communicate to the universe who we are and what we want – thus attracting exactly what we want and how to achieve it.

It takes some serious soul searching and exercises to understand and define your own PERSONAL BRAND.

What’s YOUR brand? Start asking yourself some simple questions –

  • What do I like?
  • Who do I like?
  • What music rocks my soul?
  • What music sooths my soul?
  • When am I happiest?
  • How do I like to spend the weekends?
  • What is it that I dream of doing for vacation?
  • Where do I want to go?
  • What haven’t I seen?
  • Do I like to write? If so, when did I last do it?
  • Do I sing in the shower? The car? The living room? In front of others?
  • Doodling – is it with some sophisticated talent? Or does it look geometrical and pattern-like?
  • What color did I last pick to paint something?
  • If it weren’t for money, what would I really be doing with my life?

Would you like to start the Reinvention process, but just don’t know how? Then read on… Read more

Bob W. was the highly successful six-figure guy, living large on Wall Street who had it all…or so he thought.

Today, he’s a professor at NYU, living on a salary that pales significantly in comparison to that of his former life. But his life is richer by far in so many other ways.

Reflection was the catalyst that brought him to a place of peace, fulfillment and balance that those who knew him, never would have believed he’d strive to want, let alone attain.
Read more

Do-Over Diva’s – The Dare Well Blog Tour – @KatieGrant

Guest Blogger:   Katie Grant’s fabulous new blog featured at  Part of the Do-Over! The Dare-well Blog Tour.  Enjoy and #HappyReinventing

Do-Over! The Dare-well Tour – 9 D0-Over Divas Dishing about Reinvention

Pushing restart takes some gumption. This tour will give you that and then some.

Remember screaming for a Do-Over when you were a kid?

Maybe it was your turn at Candy Land and you didn’t like the number you rolled. You just called out “Do-Over!” and, boom, you got to roll again. Some kids even did that until they got the number they were looking for. Maybe it was cheating but it sure felt good to know you always had a second chance.

If only Do-Overs still counted.

I started out an actress, I became a professional Feng Shui consultant along the way, and had many jobs in between to support those dreams. The part I always loved about those two jobs was naming my business, designing the brochure, creating postcards and marketing materials. I love words. And how they flow together. What I didn’t realize was I love to write copy.

It hit me one day when a coworker said, “Hey, copy queen, can you come over here? I need a headline.”

That was a head-smacking moment. And the start of my Do-Over. Thanks, Kymberli!

So here I am entering a new chapter in my life doing what I actually always meant to do. If you had asked me in high school what I wanted to do, I would have said advertising. And, as you may know, copywriting is a key part of that. How I got swayed from that path is another story. Let’s just give the young me credit for knowing herself and leave it at that for now.

Do-Overs have a bigger name now in our 30s, 40s, 50s or 60s. It’s called Reinvention.

Reinventing yourself. Your life. Your product. Your website. So it actually resonates with what you meant to do in the first place. Or what represents your current direction. That is one thing I did become an expert in as a Feng Shui consultant. I was great at redesign. I was genius at working with what you already had and making it look better than you ever thought it could. I can’t tell you how many times I heard clients say, “Why didn’t I think of that?”

Now I’m just doing that with words. Making products or businesses or blogs look better. Helping you rebrand your website or company.

Let me share my life and business redesign secrets with you.

Read more

What’s Your Passion Piece? Let’s Reinvent Your Life!

We’re made of lots of pieces – we’re complex and interesting and all of our different pieces that fit together make us whole…like a mosaic – we’re colorful, reflective, strong, and transparent.  Emotions and experiences glue us together.

Sometimes we want to exchange a piece, add a piece, remove a piece – that’s Reinvention!

I’ve realized that my Passion Piece is my “Reinvention media company” – my so-called “hobby” to those who know me.  Since I have a family, run a major marketing and consulting agency full time and balance a social life with lots of fun activities, I find it essential to have this escape. It is my passion and I always want to steel away and find time to indulge in interviews with interesting people, reading more about life’s reinventions, inspired conversations, motivating others and lots of writing that I can share through blogs, social media and our website.

Do you know that if you’re disgruntled in any area of your life but have your own personal outlet, hobby, or projects you’ll feel incredibly fulfilled and inspired?  Balancing your life and nurturing your soul is the anecdote to any frustration or boredom and provides you with a sense of harmony and control of your life regardless of anything good or bad that might otherwise be happening.

My life is very full and I’m very happy but I’m always looking for what else would be exciting, fulfilling, interesting and enhance my life and keep me inspired, motivated and engaged.

The greater challenge is often where and how to fit everything in that you want to do because our to-do lists are very long.  So, if you’re feeling overwhelmed with what to do and can’t figure out what it is, just sit back and think about what interests you.

Where can you find inspired ideas that might trigger some ideas?  Flip through magazines, look through a bookstore, and spend time on line looking at websites from companies and subjects that interest you. Look at what your friends and colleagues are doing with their spare time.  Take a walk and listen to some music from your 20’s – let your mind wander back to the days when you were more of a “dreamer” and see what starts to surface.

Think back to all that you wanted to explore and do when you were younger and not so busy.  Just because there’s work, family obligations (and joys!), schedules to adhere to, doesn’t mean you can’t indulge in the interests and fun that you so rightly deserve in this lifetime.

Wake up, smell the coffee, Reinvent your life and own your Passion Piece!

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Enjoy and #HappyReinventing

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Exhale, Lean Back, Recharge…Then You Can Do Anything!

EXHALE…ah, now again, EXHALE!

How often do you stop and just take that deep breath and exhale? It feels so good mentally, physically, spiritually.  Try it now, try it in an hour, try it tomorrow.  Take the time to breath.
We are consumed all day and night and gadgets don’t make it any easier to escape.  All of our  gadgets run out of juice and so do we.  We should think about how we need recharging as much as our gadgets do.   We frantically search for places to plug in and charge our smartphones or they won’t serve us.
Ironic. We spend more time charging our gadgets than we do ourselves!
Similarly, we need to think of ourselves the same way – whether we  Exhale, Lean back, Recharge – we should prioritize and come to appreciate the value of taking that deep breath, even getting a longer night’s sleep. Read more


Yes! The long Memorial Weekend brings the promise of down time, the beginning of summer and a little time to contemplate what we’d do for one extra day if we had time on our hands.  I love it! Don’t you?

What are you going to do with your time?  Take an extra walk, a guitar lesson, clean out the garage, a Zumba class, cook an extra meal, work on your website, and figure out how to use your social media better? Play with the kids, go out with your friends? Paint a picture, take a bike ride, watch a game, play a game? The possibilities are endless.

Just pick one small thing and watch a big change in yourself.  Allow yourself to realize the value of what you’re doing by adding something new to your life and every day routine.  Cherish the feeling you have for feeling accomplished.  Pat yourself on the back for getting out of your comfort zone and going beyond just “thinking about it.” Take that risks and the payoff will be tremendously rewarding.

I picked up a racquet and played tennis with my son for the first time in four months.  I took an extra Zumba class at my sister-in-law’s studios, LA Dancefit – the funnest place on earth!  I cooked a fun meal with my husband with new recipes and ingredients.  Rode my bike with my family…to have breakfast…but nevertheless, we rode instead of driving.  Just a few extra things that added to my existing schedule, workout and kitchen routines – I kicked them up a notch and I not only give myself credit for all these things but I had the most wonderful weekend.

Tell us – what are you going to do?  Summer’s around the corner so there’s plenty of time.  Don’t let those 24/7 work days control your life.  Let your passions control it and take a risk!
Some advice from me and

–          Be open minded

–          Don’t be afraid

–          Step out of your comfort zone

–          Dig deep – explore what’s missing that you’ve wanted to do, see, change

–          Make a crazy good list – no one will see it but you – so don’t hold back

–          Look for excitement and embrace change

–          Acknowledge all the reasons it felt good

Read more

There Should Be So Much More… The “If…I Would” Excercise

There Should Be So Much More…Do you ever think that?  Are you feeling content and grateful but wish there was more going on in your life? You may be, but perhaps you can’t put your finger on just what that might be or should be.  You look at your family, your job, and it’s all good.  But is it great?  Are you feeling fulfilled?  Is there a stirring inside you to get excited about something but you just can’t put your finger on what would scratch that itch?

You’re not alone!

It’s the reason so many pick up hobbies later in life, perhaps revisit something they loved to do many years ago but put on hold for a focused career or a busy family life…or both!   This nagging feeling is common with so many as we evolve as individuals and years tick by.  Just doing our thing day in and day out just isn’t enough to satisfy us.  We’re naturally curious as human beings so it’s ok to let the inner voice get a little louder.  You may say to yourself, “I should be grateful for what I have, so let it be.”  But why not enjoy more? Live more? Experience more?   The world is yours and this is your life, right?

So given that opportunity, what would you put on your TO DO list to give your life that extra “umph”?  I’ve talked to lots of men and women and hear such interesting responses – learn a language, travel, cook, gardening, cycling or hiking, writing, reading more book, volunteer work, photography, painting, more time with old friends, further education, guitar lessons….

Have I triggered something?  I hope so.  Fun, isn’t it?

So what’s going to stop you now? Here’s what I hear  – fear, no time, too expensive, silly idea, family wouldn’t get it, don’t have anyone to do it with, change is not good, my life is fine, no energy, everyone else comes first, I don’t deserve it, too indulgent…

Can you hear yourself anywhere in there?

I hope so, because, if you start to get clear as to what’s blocking you and start to focus on what you really want, you can then map out a way to get there and chip away at what is actually stopping you.  Recognizing it is going to be the first step.  So take the time to really give this the thought and clarity you deserve.

Months ago, I suggested you take out a piece of paper and make those lists.  In one column – What do you want to add to your life?  In the next column – What is stopping you from acting on it?

Next, prioritize both lists – go from random stream of consciousness to prioritizing the list. Put your favorite new ideas at the top of that column, and put the things that are stopping you the most at the top of that column.

Now start a third column that blends the two together under the heading of “IF… I WOULD” – For example, “If I wasn’t afraid, I’d go skydiving.”  “If I had more time, I would start to learn Italian.” “If I had more money, I would travel the world.”  “If I didn’t feel so incompetent, I would cook fancy gourmet meals.”

Are you starting to see the connection and what you need to identify for yourself?

Work on it this week and see if you can kickstart something powerful and new for yourself.

If opportunity doesn’t knock, build a door.
– Milton Berle

There are no regrets in life, just lessons.
– Jennifer Aniston

A pessimist sees the difficulty in every opportunity; an optimist sees the opportunity in every difficulty.
– Winston Churchill

I’d love to know what you came up with and what little Reinventions you’re going to create in your life.  Join the conversation and see the great links to other inspiring websites and content on the “Get Inspired” page; sign up for the newsletter and please share with everyone.

Enjoy and #HappyReinventing

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Inspired, Motivated and Ready!

This is an exciting week full of Reinvention and inspiration.  I’m proud to be handling the production and programming of the NAPW annual Conference in NY this week with our keynotes Arianna Huffington and Martha Stewart.  Star Jones will host the Power Panel with 3 CEO’s and MORE Magazine’s Editor-in-Chief, and the workshops will feature  great experts on compelling subjects of relevance.

I feel a sense of pride and motivation being at the epicenter of such inspired and provoking thought.  Watching 1500 women question and face their capabilities and opportunities is extraordinary.   This is Reinvention at its finest and I hope to share some profound and wonderful thoughts and quotes from our great speakers.

Stay tuned to my Linkedin, Twitter and Facebook pages for some great moments and quotable anecdotes.

Enjoy and Happy Reinventing!
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Reinvent Your Surroundings – Be Open to New Colors, Shapes and Styles

Whether your home or your wardrobe, isn’t it time you just shook it up a bit?

Imagine wearing a light blue shirt instead of that black top?  Wear a pair of slacks instead of jeans.  Put a vase of roses on your living room table, instead of all those papers and books, paint a room a new color or change the pillows for a new accent color in a room.

It’s amazing what a little change can make to your mood, attitude and energy.

Little Reinventions can go a very long way and as you realize that you can make the smallest and most fun changes in a matter of hours or days that will have a major impact on your mood and your sense of empowerment, it will remind you of the control you have in your life and the ability to impact your own state of being and happiness.

Look around you – really – your closet, your living room, your office.  Sometimes we go for years without noticing the little details that surround us.  What is that pile of books under your coffee table?  How long have some of the clothes in your closet been sitting there that you never wear? Remember – out with the old, in with the new!? Read more


When was the last time you gathered a group of your various close friends together? Just stopped the madness and everyday stuff and took a step back to enjoy the people in your life that you forget to make time for so you can rekindle that spark, a conversation, the interest and the escape.  It’s so easy for time to slip by and you haven’t seen a friend who you enjoy being with.   We create all kinds of excuses but it’s really so rewarding and inspiring.  So indulge yourself.

I recently had a business trip to New York and decided to stay Friday night instead of returning home to my husband and kids as I always do after a week of travel.  It gave me a full day of meetings on Friday instead of having to leave early in snow and Friday afternoon traffic, but more importantly, I took the opportunity to get a group of my four closest girlfriends (and my fabulous college-age niece) together for dinner.

What was particularly fun was that they’ve all been in my life for different periods of time – from 10 years old, 14 years old, and 35++.  They’re all my closest friends and yet all so very different and its fun bringing them together knowing that I’m the common thread. Read more

Is your New Year’s Resolution a Thought or a Commitment?

This week’s HuffPost50 Blog –

How do you plan to approach the New Year?  With all the good intentions of Reinventing some part of your life and a huge commitment that in the back of your mind you just know you’ll have a hard time sticking with? Admit it, its how every year starts out, right?

If you are really ready to make that leap and become more fit, find that new career path, get into a good relationship, do some great volunteer work, whatever your passion is to pursue, then set realistic goals so that you can feel good about achieving them, and the milestones along the way.

Firstly – DON’T start on January 1st or the first Monday – start NOW, or on Wednesday. Make it YOUR day, not everyone else’s and then you’ll feel a greater sense of control and ownership of your direction.  Try it!

Whether we want to or need to, these little or big reinventions are incredible journeys and you want to map yours out,  just like you would if you were going on a vacation to somewhere new and interesting.  A few fundamental steps are involved so write them down, especially because in weeks or months from now, when you’re having a down day or feeling challenged with your goals, reading your game plan will remind you and reinforce the reason and spirit with which you set out to do it –

– Pick your destination – where do you want to end up?

– Do some research – what’s involved, what more do you need to know, will this require some education, courses, reading, meetings with others?

– What do you do with your current life – what gives? What stays in place? What has to be reorganized to make this work?

– Who’s involved and how will these new plans affect them? How will they be involved?

– What financial planning needs to be considered?

– Who else do you need to engage in your process for support, guidance, mentoring, and inspiration?

– What are the first five things you’ll need to do to get on the path?

– What’s your personal measurement of success in this journey? How will you know you’re on the right path and pleased with your Reinvention?

Whatever your passion, wherever this next adventure takes you, prepare yourself with a roadmap to get there – this is not work – this is your journey, so enjoy every step of it and own it with a sense of excitement.

“The journey of a thousand miles begins with one step.” – Lao Tzu

“Success is not a place at which one arrives but rather the spirit with which one undertakes and continues the journey.” – Alex Noble

“Twenty years from now you will be more disappointed by the things you didn’t do than by the ones you did do. So throw off the bowlines, sail away from the safe harbor. Catch the trade winds in your sails. Explore. Dream. Discover.” – Mark Twain

Enjoy and Happy Reinventing!


Daryn K’s Story – Create What You Seek – an Encore Career

Daryn Kagan is a big believer in “creating what you seek” and is living her dream “encore career” after leaving CNN. She likes to share her story and the fact that CNN didn’t renew her contract. Rather than ask “why?” it gave her a chance to ask herself if she really wanted to continue in the traditional news business and same career path.

Seeking inspiration in her next chapter, Daryn created a digital home on the internet where great and inspired stories could live. She’s the creator and host of the award-winning, a media company specializing in inspirational and motivational news content with a daily Web cast of stories that Daryn says, “Show the world what is possible” one story at a time. Read more

So What Are You Waiting For? Are You Still Dreaming?

So What Are You Waiting For? Are You Still Dreaming

You deserve everything you want but maybe you need some help. You deserve success and complete happiness so if you need some help getting it, know that its at your fingertips.  You just need to know how to ask for it and create the intent that will map it out.
We’ve covered this before but sometimes we all need a reminder and reinforcements.  When we’re clear on what we want and the steps to attain it, then we clearly define it out loud and/or on paper, we create our own road-map and each step to achieving these goals becomes highly achievable and there are clear stepping stones to getting there.
You’d be amazed at what can be accomplished when you do this work rather than just saying or thinking “I wish I could do xyz” or “one of the days I’m going to xyz”.  This is the real work that you have to do in order to make some positive steps in your life and make the changes that today you may only be dreaming about.  And you can.  It’s the difference between those who accomplish their dreams and goals and those who don’t.  It’s really that simple.
And if you’re a little more spiritually inclined, you’ll understand that you’re calling on the Universe and setting your intent and that’s why these steps make such a big difference. Whether you believe in those “parking angels” or some other force,  just imagine if you called  on that support to work with you and your new focused clarity and agenda.

Be Thankful for Who You Are and What You Create Every Day

On Thanksgiving we stop and give pause as we gather with family and friends and celebrate a day of gratitude.  Take a moment to be grateful for the person you are and what you provide to yourself. Be aware of the abundance you create in your life and take stock of the incredible capability you have to chart your course, making  your life all that it can be.   Never forget it and  don’t be afraid to go for it! Whatever it is, visualize it and take the concrete steps to attain it.  Be thankful that you have the strength and the resources to reinvent any part of your life.  Have a wonderful Thanksgiving weekend  and #HappyReinventing.

What’s Your Passion? Isn’t it time to Reinvent Your Life and Do Something You Love?

Sometimes we forget what we love as we go through the motions of life.

Did you love to ride horses, play the guitar, sing in the car with the windows up, dance to your heart’s content, travel the world?  What was it that made you excited 20 years ago?  We talk about Reinvention but sometimes it’s hard to figure out where to start.

It takes a little effort to reconnect but when we do it’s worth it.  Sometimes we need an outlet, some beauty, a challenge to truly feel alive and energized.  The same old routine can drag us down and cause us to stop realizing our own potential and all that life has to offer.

Pursue your passions and make them work for you.  Growing up you might have been told not to waste your time painting, playing the drums, dancing or pursuing some passion you had because “you won’t make money doing that, get a real job…”

Well I’m here to say the opposite and declare that it’s time to re-ignite those passions and interests and make them an essential part of your life. Read more

Ever Wondered…

Have you ever wondered what’s next?

Are you a little stir crazy with some aspect of your life?

Do you think about your childhood dream of being a rock-star?

Do you want to go back to work and have no idea where to start or what you want to be doing?

Do you still know who you are?

Then welcome to The Reinvention Exchange!

We’re going to explore these topics various ways as I aggregate the best content and pull excerpts from my upcoming book.

We’ll share thoughts and get insights from all types of people who have created that milestone change in their lives, dug deep and discovered what their true passions are.

I’ll help you tap into some of your own passions so you can work on whatever area of reinvention matters in your life.

The Journey is the Destination – from The Reinvention Exchange

How’s your summer been? What have you done to steal a little extra time and reflect, act upon, or contemplate a little or big reinvention in your life? What’s been your inspiration? A place you visited on holidays, a beautiful sunset? Nurturing your soul is what it’s all about.
Read more

OUT WITH OLD, IN WITH THE NEW…Reinventing with the power of Feng Shui

Old habits, old clothes, old junk… There’s nothing more cathartic than a cleansing of the stuff of our past that weighs us down.

When was the last time you cleaned out a cupboard, a room, the closet or took stock of old habits you’d like to be rid of?
Read more

Time to Motivate…BE SPECIFIC

Time to Motivate – BE SPECIFIC … from The Reinvention Exchange

So you’ve been thinking, contemplating, ideating, saying you’re going to make that one little change, or that huge leap but it’s just noise in your head.

You haven’t quite the motivation yet but you’re certain it’s what you want to do.
What’s stopping you? Is it fear? Are you over analyzing it?
Read more

Indulge Yourself – A Little Reinventing is Good for the Soul

Life gets busy and sometimes we forget to take a breath and just sit back. I was traveling on business this week and in between meetings I stopped at a favorite lunch spot to get a quick bite of their homemade pasta. I sat at the bar and a lovely lady was next to me, on her own, doing the same thing. After finally putting down my phone, blackberry and iPad, we started talking. It was her day off and she was relishing in the fact that she was having a “mini holiday.” She was taking the day to herself to indulge a little, escape from a little reality and do something nice for herself.
Read more


The process of Reinventing any aspect of our lives requires courage, focus and inspiration. Is it Spiritual, a Relationship, your Career that needs a little shaking up?

COURAGE is key to all that Reinvention comes with. Change, new territory, getting out of your comfort zone, trying new things, insecurity about it not working out. COURAGE is also what can drive you to try new things that you only dream about. COURAGE gives you the strength to embrace new ideas, regardless of the obstacles or people that might try to hold you back. Dig deep and find your COURAGE. You know it’s there, just allow it to shine.
Read more

Motivation – It’s Overrated!

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So it’s Saturday morning and I truly have nothing to do. One of those days where you check your last few weeks of “To Do” lists to consolidate them so you can check everything off on this one day… because I really have nothing I have to do. And I need it!
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Be Sharpe, be Clear, be Conscious – focus and create what you want!

Be Sharpe! Focus, get clear, prioritize and put yourself first. Determine the reason you want to reinvent your life or some part of it. Is it happiness? Success? Money? A spiritual awakening? Once you create true focus around your end goal, you’ll be amazed at how clear the moving pieces will become.

I recently interviewed someone for my book. He knew he had reached a point in his life that he wanted to sharpen his focus and sense of self. We all have an inner voice that nags at us with ideas of what we wish we could do or want to try.
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New Year’s REINVENTIONS – It’s Never Too Late!

New Year’s REINVENTIONS – It’s Never Too Late!

So many of you have asked me “Where’s the New Year’s Blog?” Of course, one would expect, with REINVENTION being fundamental to New Year’s Resolutions, that I would have a litany of tips, ideas, quotes and all the solutions so that there’s no way you’ll deviate come month two, right?
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Reinventing Your Life

Funny how life evolves and before we know it we’re wondering how we got to be where we are. Have you ever asked yourself the question “How did I get here?” What does it all mean? Am I really doing everything in life that I want to be happy?

Look at your life in the most exciting and empowering way – through the eyes of REINVENTING YOUR LIFE. Join me in this column that I’ll be posting weekly as I share with you excerpts from my book (in progress), STOP! I WANT TO GET OFF: The Guide to Reinventing Your Life.™
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Reinventing Your Life is Synonymous with Nurturing Your Soul

Reinvention is often a cry to nurture your soul. It can be truly empowering when you take the baby steps to address some small part of your life and take it where you only dream about. When you start to crystallize what you want and make it happen, you’ll be amazed at how everything starts to feel.

You’d be surprised how huge a small reinvention can be so don’t allow yourself to be paralyzed by the idea of going through changes that add color and new dimensions to your life.
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