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Can Your Passion or Hobby Lead to a Reinvention?

Can your passion or hobby lead to a Reinvention?

You may be searching for your passion but maybe you’re trying too hard. In my journey and as I interview people for my book and new TV show, I hear many struggle with finding their passion.

Reinvention is about having that “aha moment” – saying to yourself “I want more,” “I want something different or new,” “I deserve to have something fun and beautiful in my life and I’m going to re-prioritize”…now, what is it?

Finding you passion is a very lofty and ambitious goal and like your Reinvention journey, there’s a roadmap to get there. You can’t necessarily wake up one day and “know” what your passion is or should be. It becomes daunting and then you’re disillusioned that you haven’t got a passion and there must be something wrong with you. Then you stop searching for something wonderful that you can enjoy…a hobby.

So start with a simple hobby – no agenda, no long term plan that this is going to “save your life” or get you out of what you’re doing. Just something that complements your day-to-day journey. Cooking, jewelry making, play an instrument, create some art, learn a language, kite flying, knitting, cycling, rock climbing, start a collection of something… Allow yourself an hour or two a week to indulge in it and see how much you can nurture your soul and find interest in something that’s yours and special to you. You’ll mingle with like-minded people around something of interest to you all and you never know what might come from that – but you have to allow it, that’s all.

Often, as we get older, priorities shift and we start to let go of those things that are important to us – we take care of others in our lives, we commit to our jobs and careers, which often aren’t related to our hobbies or interests but are simply a means to an end.

We then justify why we don’t have time for the things that make us feel good and settle for a complacent life.

It could be that a simple hobby, something you can have fun with and enjoy may ultimately become your passion. Then you can figure out if that hobby can transform your life.

You may need to pull your head out of your phone or computer long enough to see what’s going on around you. Do you realize how much of the world around you you’re missing as you text and email while you walk around? You’re probably not always present in your real world environment, surroundings and human interaction as you’re searching, reading and engaging in your digital microcosm.

It’s a bit of a metaphor for the way we live – buried in the present and not looking up to recognize what the world around us has to offer. Perhaps if we dreamed a little more and recognized that we’re entitled to have our hobbies and dreams, our new reality could be just what we want.

I’ve been interviewing folks for my book and TV show and recently came across a story of a woman who discovered a buried talent as an artist. She didn’t even know that she had a talent in her. She wasn’t frustrated and didn’t even wish she could follow her dream. She didn’t even realize that she had a gift, but she stumbled upon it and she allowed herself to recognize that what she was doing was truly art. It took one or two people to validate their enthusiasm for what she was doing, and that just continued to feed her passion that just kept growing. Years later, she’s highly regarded in her field, is making a wonderful living and is fulfilling a dream she didn’t even know she had.

She was open and receptive to the fact that what was showing up in her life was something that she could nurture. She chose to make something more out of it and allowed it to flourish. This is remarkable.

So do something new, look for a hobby, not a passion and let it take you places unexpected. It’s good for the soul. It’s your Reinvention.

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Do-Over Diva’s – The Dare Well Blog Tour – @KatieGrant

Guest Blogger:   Katie Grant’s fabulous new blog featured at  Part of the Do-Over! The Dare-well Blog Tour.  Enjoy and #HappyReinventing

Do-Over! The Dare-well Tour – 9 D0-Over Divas Dishing about Reinvention

Pushing restart takes some gumption. This tour will give you that and then some.

Remember screaming for a Do-Over when you were a kid?

Maybe it was your turn at Candy Land and you didn’t like the number you rolled. You just called out “Do-Over!” and, boom, you got to roll again. Some kids even did that until they got the number they were looking for. Maybe it was cheating but it sure felt good to know you always had a second chance.

If only Do-Overs still counted.

I started out an actress, I became a professional Feng Shui consultant along the way, and had many jobs in between to support those dreams. The part I always loved about those two jobs was naming my business, designing the brochure, creating postcards and marketing materials. I love words. And how they flow together. What I didn’t realize was I love to write copy.

It hit me one day when a coworker said, “Hey, copy queen, can you come over here? I need a headline.”

That was a head-smacking moment. And the start of my Do-Over. Thanks, Kymberli!

So here I am entering a new chapter in my life doing what I actually always meant to do. If you had asked me in high school what I wanted to do, I would have said advertising. And, as you may know, copywriting is a key part of that. How I got swayed from that path is another story. Let’s just give the young me credit for knowing herself and leave it at that for now.

Do-Overs have a bigger name now in our 30s, 40s, 50s or 60s. It’s called Reinvention.

Reinventing yourself. Your life. Your product. Your website. So it actually resonates with what you meant to do in the first place. Or what represents your current direction. That is one thing I did become an expert in as a Feng Shui consultant. I was great at redesign. I was genius at working with what you already had and making it look better than you ever thought it could. I can’t tell you how many times I heard clients say, “Why didn’t I think of that?”

Now I’m just doing that with words. Making products or businesses or blogs look better. Helping you rebrand your website or company.

Let me share my life and business redesign secrets with you.

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“Blurred Lines,” the song title that was all the rage this summer, is an interesting metaphor for how many people live their lives.

Are you open minded? Do you live with passion? Is your life your creation or someone else’s?

Do you have a clear cut definition of who you are and how you want to live?   Have you defined your personal self from your work self? Are they one-in-the-same? Are you living your dream or someone else’s? Is it all just a blur and you’re simply treading water because that’s just what you do?

As Socrates said – “The unexamined life is not worth living.”  There’s a reason he was recognized as an inspired and wise man that we still quote today.

We all know someone who is “stuck” in their lives and constantly sharing (aka complaining) about how miserable they are with something or someone.  It’s usually fear that stops them from confronting it head on and figuring out how to move on.  But really, what is “fear”?  Fear is in our imagination and is a choice.  We’re telling ourselves a story.  It’s not real. It’s what we make it.  It’s only as strong as the power and the voice you give it.

So how can you give so much power to something that is not real?  How can your journey, dreams, passions and life fantasies not be more powerful than fear?  Is the risk of daring and maybe failing, not so worth the reward?

How truly risky is that change and reinvention that you want to explore?

In my life change was always an adventure?  Throughout my childhood, we moved to three very different countries and had to start over with new neighborhoods, friends, schools and surroundings.  I loved it and took on each move with curiosity, a sense of exploration and an interest to build the next place in my life.  It gave me the tools to have an appreciation for new things and getting to know something or someone from the beginning.

When tackling a new project, client, hobby, friendship, it’s with this same attitude that I embrace it.

Not everyone has the same feeling about change and reinvention. The unknown can be a little daunting for some but I encourage you to look at the reward, the upside, the potential outcome.

Take baby steps to get there. Huge leaps aren’t necessary.

If you’re just procrastinating, try not to let your TO DO’s get in the way of your WHAT IF’s!

Spread your wings, find your passion and embrace the beauty and excitement of “newness.”

If you find something you like to do, you’ll never work a day in your life.


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What’s Your Passion Piece? Let’s Reinvent Your Life!

We’re made of lots of pieces – we’re complex and interesting and all of our different pieces that fit together make us whole…like a mosaic – we’re colorful, reflective, strong, and transparent.  Emotions and experiences glue us together.

Sometimes we want to exchange a piece, add a piece, remove a piece – that’s Reinvention!

I’ve realized that my Passion Piece is my “Reinvention media company” – my so-called “hobby” to those who know me.  Since I have a family, run a major marketing and consulting agency full time and balance a social life with lots of fun activities, I find it essential to have this escape. It is my passion and I always want to steel away and find time to indulge in interviews with interesting people, reading more about life’s reinventions, inspired conversations, motivating others and lots of writing that I can share through blogs, social media and our website.

Do you know that if you’re disgruntled in any area of your life but have your own personal outlet, hobby, or projects you’ll feel incredibly fulfilled and inspired?  Balancing your life and nurturing your soul is the anecdote to any frustration or boredom and provides you with a sense of harmony and control of your life regardless of anything good or bad that might otherwise be happening.

My life is very full and I’m very happy but I’m always looking for what else would be exciting, fulfilling, interesting and enhance my life and keep me inspired, motivated and engaged.

The greater challenge is often where and how to fit everything in that you want to do because our to-do lists are very long.  So, if you’re feeling overwhelmed with what to do and can’t figure out what it is, just sit back and think about what interests you.

Where can you find inspired ideas that might trigger some ideas?  Flip through magazines, look through a bookstore, and spend time on line looking at websites from companies and subjects that interest you. Look at what your friends and colleagues are doing with their spare time.  Take a walk and listen to some music from your 20’s – let your mind wander back to the days when you were more of a “dreamer” and see what starts to surface.

Think back to all that you wanted to explore and do when you were younger and not so busy.  Just because there’s work, family obligations (and joys!), schedules to adhere to, doesn’t mean you can’t indulge in the interests and fun that you so rightly deserve in this lifetime.

Wake up, smell the coffee, Reinvent your life and own your Passion Piece!

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Enjoy and #HappyReinventing

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Yes! The long Memorial Weekend brings the promise of down time, the beginning of summer and a little time to contemplate what we’d do for one extra day if we had time on our hands.  I love it! Don’t you?

What are you going to do with your time?  Take an extra walk, a guitar lesson, clean out the garage, a Zumba class, cook an extra meal, work on your website, and figure out how to use your social media better? Play with the kids, go out with your friends? Paint a picture, take a bike ride, watch a game, play a game? The possibilities are endless.

Just pick one small thing and watch a big change in yourself.  Allow yourself to realize the value of what you’re doing by adding something new to your life and every day routine.  Cherish the feeling you have for feeling accomplished.  Pat yourself on the back for getting out of your comfort zone and going beyond just “thinking about it.” Take that risks and the payoff will be tremendously rewarding.

I picked up a racquet and played tennis with my son for the first time in four months.  I took an extra Zumba class at my sister-in-law’s studios, LA Dancefit – the funnest place on earth!  I cooked a fun meal with my husband with new recipes and ingredients.  Rode my bike with my family…to have breakfast…but nevertheless, we rode instead of driving.  Just a few extra things that added to my existing schedule, workout and kitchen routines – I kicked them up a notch and I not only give myself credit for all these things but I had the most wonderful weekend.

Tell us – what are you going to do?  Summer’s around the corner so there’s plenty of time.  Don’t let those 24/7 work days control your life.  Let your passions control it and take a risk!
Some advice from me and

–          Be open minded

–          Don’t be afraid

–          Step out of your comfort zone

–          Dig deep – explore what’s missing that you’ve wanted to do, see, change

–          Make a crazy good list – no one will see it but you – so don’t hold back

–          Look for excitement and embrace change

–          Acknowledge all the reasons it felt good

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Reinvent Your Surroundings – Be Open to New Colors, Shapes and Styles

Whether your home or your wardrobe, isn’t it time you just shook it up a bit?

Imagine wearing a light blue shirt instead of that black top?  Wear a pair of slacks instead of jeans.  Put a vase of roses on your living room table, instead of all those papers and books, paint a room a new color or change the pillows for a new accent color in a room.

It’s amazing what a little change can make to your mood, attitude and energy.

Little Reinventions can go a very long way and as you realize that you can make the smallest and most fun changes in a matter of hours or days that will have a major impact on your mood and your sense of empowerment, it will remind you of the control you have in your life and the ability to impact your own state of being and happiness.

Look around you – really – your closet, your living room, your office.  Sometimes we go for years without noticing the little details that surround us.  What is that pile of books under your coffee table?  How long have some of the clothes in your closet been sitting there that you never wear? Remember – out with the old, in with the new!? Read more

Is your New Year’s Resolution a Thought or a Commitment?

This week’s HuffPost50 Blog –

How do you plan to approach the New Year?  With all the good intentions of Reinventing some part of your life and a huge commitment that in the back of your mind you just know you’ll have a hard time sticking with? Admit it, its how every year starts out, right?

If you are really ready to make that leap and become more fit, find that new career path, get into a good relationship, do some great volunteer work, whatever your passion is to pursue, then set realistic goals so that you can feel good about achieving them, and the milestones along the way.

Firstly – DON’T start on January 1st or the first Monday – start NOW, or on Wednesday. Make it YOUR day, not everyone else’s and then you’ll feel a greater sense of control and ownership of your direction.  Try it!

Whether we want to or need to, these little or big reinventions are incredible journeys and you want to map yours out,  just like you would if you were going on a vacation to somewhere new and interesting.  A few fundamental steps are involved so write them down, especially because in weeks or months from now, when you’re having a down day or feeling challenged with your goals, reading your game plan will remind you and reinforce the reason and spirit with which you set out to do it –

– Pick your destination – where do you want to end up?

– Do some research – what’s involved, what more do you need to know, will this require some education, courses, reading, meetings with others?

– What do you do with your current life – what gives? What stays in place? What has to be reorganized to make this work?

– Who’s involved and how will these new plans affect them? How will they be involved?

– What financial planning needs to be considered?

– Who else do you need to engage in your process for support, guidance, mentoring, and inspiration?

– What are the first five things you’ll need to do to get on the path?

– What’s your personal measurement of success in this journey? How will you know you’re on the right path and pleased with your Reinvention?

Whatever your passion, wherever this next adventure takes you, prepare yourself with a roadmap to get there – this is not work – this is your journey, so enjoy every step of it and own it with a sense of excitement.

“The journey of a thousand miles begins with one step.” – Lao Tzu

“Success is not a place at which one arrives but rather the spirit with which one undertakes and continues the journey.” – Alex Noble

“Twenty years from now you will be more disappointed by the things you didn’t do than by the ones you did do. So throw off the bowlines, sail away from the safe harbor. Catch the trade winds in your sails. Explore. Dream. Discover.” – Mark Twain

Enjoy and Happy Reinventing!


OUT WITH OLD, IN WITH THE NEW…Reinventing with the power of Feng Shui

Old habits, old clothes, old junk… There’s nothing more cathartic than a cleansing of the stuff of our past that weighs us down.

When was the last time you cleaned out a cupboard, a room, the closet or took stock of old habits you’d like to be rid of?
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New Year’s REINVENTIONS – It’s Never Too Late!

New Year’s REINVENTIONS – It’s Never Too Late!

So many of you have asked me “Where’s the New Year’s Blog?” Of course, one would expect, with REINVENTION being fundamental to New Year’s Resolutions, that I would have a litany of tips, ideas, quotes and all the solutions so that there’s no way you’ll deviate come month two, right?
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