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Reinvent Your Life – The Perfect Holiday/New Year’s Kick-Off Time


If something is important enough, even if the odds are against you, you should still do it.   – Elon Musk

Reinvention is our Soul Food – it lifts our spirits, rekindles our fire, ignites our passion and renews our spirit.

Reinventions come in all shapes and sizes. They are “aha moments” when you realize that you really want to do something new, return to something you used to love doing, explore something you’ve dared only to dream of, explore your passions.  It’s a chance to further discover the real you and what you’re made of.  It’s chance to become the best version of yourself.

Overwhelmed by the thought of Reinventing but desperate to shake things up?  Wanting to explore that creative part of you that they’ve tried to suppress in you since you were seven years old?

Over the Holidays and as we approach the New Year, give yourself the perfect gift of precious time to spend on something you’ve been meaning to explore or delve into. Stop reading other people’s social media feeds, don’t binge watch anymore shows on NETFLIX…and do something truly special for yourself. Jumpstart your Reinvention.

Take the time over the holidays, don’t wait till the typical “January 1st” New Year’s Resolution. Start TODAY!

The holidays give you more down time so you can actually reinvest time in something that’s meaningful to you. The things you keep putting off because you have no time – just try spending THREE SESSIONS of time on something you’re interested on focusing on – whether it’s THREE HOURS, THREE HALF DAYS, THREE EVENINGS…whatever fits into your down time.

Once you do this, you’ll get “into it” and start to find ways to calendar more sessions of time working on this Reinvention plan, hobby, habit, inspiration. Don’t be discouraged if it’s a multi-year plan – it has to start somewhere so make NOW the time to create the plan, find your mentors, research what you need to know to create this new reality.

Here’s a list of places you can start looking into … Just pick one for starters – could be the catalyst for amazing new changes and inspiration in your life:








Personal Brand








Leisure activities


Home Décor

No matter how big or small, a reinvention can completely shift your mood, morale and sense of adventure.  So go for it – give yourself an hour or two to delve into this just a little and embark on your Life Reinvention – it’s all yours!

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A New Year’s Reinvention

This is it – the day that we all resolve to look at our lives and do something different next year.  There’s no escaping it, it’s all around us and everyone’s talking about what they hope to do that will somehow improve the quality of their lives in 2014.  Ironically, last year, I chose not to write a blog about Reinvention and share these thoughts today because I believe that every day can be this day.  Reinvention is a great form of therapy and can be a good way to fight the post Holiday Blues.

If it were New Year’s Day 365 days a year, how would you Reinvent your life? The truth is, you can, and you are most likely to commit to it more if you start it any other day than today.  Getting swept up in the mass fanaticism of making a New Year’s Resolution isn’t as powerful as your own day of commitment that feels right for you.  Don’t  get me wrong, it’s a great starting point and I fully support you.  Just be aware of your intention and your focus to truly to commit to your Reinvention for all the right reasons – because it’s yours and you really want to do it.

Whether it’s a new career focus, a health kick, committing to volunteer work, more time with friends, traveling and expanding your horizons, going gluten-free, remodeling your home, kicking a bad habit – all Reinventions big or small are exciting and adventurous.  Lucky you for finding something that you want to focus on and evolve. Determine how you can create the journey to accomplish your goals, find the resources and support system you’ll need, establish your measurement for success and create milestones along the way so you can acknowledge and reward yourself.

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