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It starts with a dose of curiosity, a dash of entitlement

and a measure of courage.

RE: INVENT YOUR LIFE! WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR? will help you summon the courage to launch your personal adventure. In her book, Kathi Sharpe-Ross captures over 30 perspectives from men and women from all walks of life who have experienced real “Ah-Ha Moments.” From Fortune 500 C-Suite Executives and Entrepreneurs to Exhausted Dads, Homemakers and Single Parents, these stories encourage readers to define what they REALLY want to do with their one and only, fabulous life and gives them the inspiration to DO it.


The action-oriented, practical exercises provide readers with the Power Tools to:

  • Let go of fear

  • Discover that change creates opportunities

  • Connect with yourself in a new way (or in an old way you may have forgotten)

  • Identify and dismantle the excuses that keep you stuck


Whether it’s creative, professional, spiritual, emotional or physical, Reinvention is possible within any realm.


This is the consummate guidebook to getting started.




by Quincy Jones


When I was working on Thriller, the press kept talking about how I was a “sell out” and that I had betrayed my jazz roots; well, my response to that was, you better know how to sell out and have something to sell. Often times, I find that society tries to put you in a box because the individuals in it are all stuck in one together, but I think that the ones who make it out are the people who remain in constant pursuit of maximizing their potential. Kathi is undoubtedly amongst the few who have made it out, and not only did she escape, but she is helping others do the same.


I first met Kathi when she was consulting on the “We Are the Future” humanitarian concert I put on in Rome back in 2004 at Circus Maximus, and we continued to work together throughout the years on many different occasions. Our latest collaboration included my “Quincy Jones Curated Collection” of ThinOptics reading glasses, where we partnered with ArtLifting artists to help provide opportunities for the differently abled communities. Through this partnership, we were honored to have raised money for Keep Memory Alive, ArtLifting, and the causes that my Quincy Jones Foundation supports. Kathi is always thinking outside of the box and that’s why she continues to make something out of nothing.


I’ve had innumerable setbacks in my life, but each time, I used those moments as fuel for my next endeavors, because I knew that if I simply dwelled on the negativity, I would have been pulled further back each time. I believe that we are the biggest barriers to our own creativity and growth because of paralysis from analysis. When I was learning how to score films, one thing I learned from my mentors (Victor Young at Paramount and Alfred \ Newman at Fox) was to never look back. They’d tell me, just write and turn the page! Even if it doesn’t make sense to you in the moment, write it down! You are your own biggest writer’s block and it’s time you stop monitoring yourself and let. It. FLOW!! In the same way, you’ve got to stop monitoring your every move, and live. your. LIFE!!


Kathi, big-time love and props to you for not only figuring IT out for yourself but for sharing IT with the rest of us in this book and your everyday life. You only live once, so keep on keepin’ on!!

                                                                            -QUINCY JONES

A very special thank you to my Editor, Brooke White and Branding, Book Designer Marc Friedland


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Kathi Sharpe-Ross

Chief Reinventor​​

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