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Out with the old, in with the new

Old habits, old clothes, old junk… There’s nothing more cathartic than a cleansing of the stuff of our past that weighs us down. When was the last time you cleaned out a cupboard, a room, the closet or took stock of old habits you’d like to be rid of?


When you discard the weight of the past, you free yourself to move lightly into the future. There’s an old saying – “If you continue to do what you’ve always done, you’ll continue to get what you’ve always gotten.” This is most profound. Ponder it for a moment.


The ways of the past and the habits that are second nature to who you are may have served you till now but if you’re seeking to create change, reinvent a part of your life, explore new frontiers and get slightly out of your comfort zone so that you can experience new and exciting parts of your life and the world around you, you must be willing to let go of habits that tend to anchor you.


You may not realize the impact that Feng Shui has on your life and the energy that you live with. When we remove the clutter, free the dead weights and create a spiritual, physical and mental space for new experiences to enter our life, we’re giving ourselves the greatest gift possible.

Often we feel that other people and circumstances control us and feel victimized by these situations. The reality is that YOU have all of the control and it is how you chose to deal with your life, so try some of these tactics to take control. Don’t give that power to others.


Here are some simple things, thanks to my friend Sophie Keller, author of “How Happy is Your Home” (a series of four “How Happy Is…” books) who is nicely featured on The Huffington Post where she contributes on a regular basis:
Quoted below and link to the full post:


The school of feng shui is based on the ba gua. The ba gua is a sacred map of the energetic world and it stems from the I Ching, which is an old method of reading energy used in many aspects of Chinese medicine and healing modalities.
The bagua is usually presented as an octagon with eight sections, commonly know as guas, on the outside and an extra one in the middle, called the tai chi. The ba gua is a tool that will help you understand which parts of the environment within your home affect which areas of your life. Each part of the ba gua relates to a different life area. Each part (or gua) is full of meaning and one part of the octagon always affects another. You might want to focus on fixing your financial situation, for example, but all areas of your life will need to receive attention in order to achieve balance.


Health (Tai Chi) — Physical Health. Focus here if you want to increase your energy, your health and vitality. This area affects all others.

Wealth (Hsun) — Abundance and Financial Status. Focus here if you want to see an improvement in your financial situation and bring more money into your home.

Fame (Li) –Fame and Reputation. Focus here if you want to have a better reputation and be better known for what you do and who you are.

Relationships (Kun) — Marriage and Partnership. Focus here if you want to improve the relationship that you are in or if you want to find your life partner.

Children (Dui) — Creativity and Children. Focus here if you want to improve the health and well-being of your children and if you want to get pregnant.

Helpful People (Chien) — Helpful People and Travel. Focus here if you want to increase your circle of friends and your contacts in the business world.

Career (Kan)–Life Path and Career. Focus here if you want your career to improve, you want to get a promotion or find your life path.

Knowledge (Ken) — Personal Growth, Knowledge and Spiritual Life. Focus here if you want to become more self-aware and have more insight into others, as well as improve your knowledge in general.


Family (Jen) — Focus here if you want to improve your relationships and the communication within your family.

Visit Sophie Keller’s site at – lots of fabulous insights here at in her books.


Another good site with some great tips and ideas for different parts of your home and your life:


Look at your life and think about just one part that you’d love to Reinvent and go for it. Share your stories, your successes, your fears, your process. We want to hear it all and share with others so that they feel inspired to go where they’ve not yet dared to go.


Enjoy and Happy Reinventing!

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