A-HA MOMENTS – The Key to Reinventing Your Life, So Don’t Ignore Them!

“A-HA moments” – they’re everywhere. But do you hear them? Do you recognize them and are you aware of the true impact an “A-HA moment” can have on your life?

When you meet someone who’s doing what they love with their life, it’s interesting to ask them what their “A-HA moment” was.

Some had it at a young age and others didn’t have it till after they turned 50.  “A-HA moments” come in all shapes and sizes, we just have to be open to listen and look for them when they show up for us.

Do you take for granted the things that make your heart full and race with excitement? Do you recognize the moments that you appreciate something or the times that you “wish” you could be doing “X” ?

Well, you may just want to stop and think a little deeper about those moments and what they really mean to you.

Reinventing your life is all about the “A-HA moments”!  The moment when you acknowledge that no matter where you are in your life, you realize that there’s something else you want to do, feel, live, engage in and you recognize it.  You then decide to act on it and start the process of Reinventing your life as you look head on to the journey and process that might be required.

If you listen carefully to yourself, you’ll start to notice the cues that will lead you to what you wish you were doing, creating, living and being.

It’s no coincidence – they are your moments and they’re so quietly yours that you may not even realize how powerful they really are.

Have you been living in the shadows of someone else’s dream of who you are, should be, or the way they want you to live?

Start looking for those “A-HA moments” in your life and take note of what it could mean to you to own the life you really want to have.

If it’s not too disruptive and won’t impact those around you in a severe or hurtful way, you can start to explore and research all the ways you can attain that dream.