Where does one gain the courage to make a change?  It’s a great leap of faith and takes courage to define and explore your wants and needs in life.  When you understand that you need a change or have merely entertained the thought, the first reaction is usually, fear.  Fear of the unknown.  Reality of some sort sets in and you quickly negate the notion that you’re even entitled.  You play the same mantra over and over in your head, you come up with the same excuses and you rationalize to yourself all the reasons why your can’t pursue that dream, passion, relationship, career or goal.

It’s absurd and sad.  If not you, then, who?  How often do look at someone and wish you could have what they do?  You read about someone’s accomplishment or a story of their life and wonder if you could have done that. You sit in your job day-in and day-out “wishing” your life was different.  You see the way others are taking on the world and you want that, even a part of it.  But what is stopping you?  There’s absolutely no reason you can’t create the life you want.  It may take time, dedication, focus, but you can control all of this and not let the courage to do it get in the way.

I was recently at a marketing and sponsorship conference in Chicago.  An amazing city and a fabulous time.  I met some inspiring and fascinating peers in my business, heard stories of great reinventions – some done, some desired, some in the works.  I made new friends.  It made me look around and once again acknowledge that we’re all looking to be inspired, feel fulfilled, successful in some measure and happy with ourselves and our lives.  I heard so many stories from folks who were either excited about their lives, and in other cases, looking for the next great chapter.  Where do you fit on that spectrum?

What  on earth is stopping you from taking those steps?

Six action items you can do today to move towards your desired future:

  • Recognize that you’d like to create something new in your life – job, personal, health, spiritual, hobbies, skills

  • Identify and write down what it is, when you’d like to start why you’re interested in Reinventing part of your life; do it with true intention

  • Establish what the first 3-4 steps will be to move towards that goal – research, meeting with someone, go out and see how it’s being done, join a club or association that’s relevant…

  • Put a timeline down for yourself to take a few first steps – whether it’s days, weeks, months, even years and a gradual transition is required. For example: Tuesday night – research on subject xyz; Saturday afternoon – visit with someone who is in this new area of interest and ask them all the questions that are on your mind,

  • Keep a daily journal of related activities and ideas

  • Start to populate a plan that will move you towards your goals and share with others what you’re doing.  You’d be surprised how many will know someone or something that could be helpful to you and want to encourage you to do this.

So take one small step towards creating your life with courage. Don’t sit on the sidelines and look at others in awe when that could be you fulfilling your own dreams.  What may seem like a daunting task and unachievable is yours with each and every step you make towards it.  Every little step will be a major milestone for you to celebrate – with a pat on the back, a glass of wine, a victory dance – it’s yours so own it!

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