Freedom to Reinvent – The Man with the Violin

Updated: Sep 24, 2018

Freedom is the Oxygen of the Soul 

– Moshe Dayan

Sadly, the events in the recent news make us realize how fragile life is and the importance of seizing the moment, making the most out of our lives and living life to the fullest.  Don’t wait to do the things you dream about.  Consider what your small or big Reinventions could be as you read my latest blog post.

Reinvention is our Soul Food.  It lifts our spirit, rekindles our fire, ignites our passion and renews our spirit. There are ways to transform parts of our life that impact all the moving pieces and when we’re open to the options and even the challenge, it can truly change our spirit, mood and complete environment.  We have the freedom to make these changes and Reinvent to our heart’s content.  Wouldn’t you like to take advantage of something that’s just at your fingertips?

I’ve often said that a great Reinvention can start with simply fulfilling a little desire and something we’ve been yearning to do but never got around to.  Having that extra hobby or passion to engage in lifts our spirit and nurtures our soul.

Well, I met a gentlemen last month who embodies that story and as I started talking to him, the way he lit up when he shared his story with me, said it all.

I was traveling on a biz trip when a mutual friend introduced us in the gateway prior to boarding the plane.  I knew he was heading to the same conference I was and I knew the business he was in.  He was carrying a rectangular case onto the plane and heading to the Intl Licensing Show.  I was curious what goodies he was carrying in the case with him for the conference. When he told me it was his violin and he “would t go anywhere without it” I was intrigued.

Being the shy person I am, I drilled him with questions for the next 45 minutes on the short flight. He fit the perfect profile of my Reinvention stories.  He had never played in his life, had always dreamed of it, went out and just bought a violin, went on YouTube to download video tutorials to start learning how to play and now indulges himself in playing Debussy, Chopin, Tchaikovsky anytime and anywhere he pleases.

It blew me away as this is the classic example I so often share about how one can nurture their soul and tickle their fantasies by just doing what he did.  He’d never played before, was intrigued by the notion and just made it happen for himself.  Across the street from the office he’ll enjoy the park or outdoor space when he can fit it in.  While traveling, the hotel will often provide an empty meeting space or ballroom so he won’t disturb the neighbors. No excuses, no financial barriers and no limitations in creating the time and place to practice and enjoy playing his violin.

Whether big bold life changes or adding a little “seasoning” to flavor your life, we could all take a lesson from someone who just did it.

What’s stopping you from doing something that bold?

You may be shy, scared, insecure, too busy, uninspired – there could be a million reasons!

But isn’t it worth giving your spirit this sense of freedom? The freedom to make decisions and changes that are all yours to make?  This unlocks a great sense of control and confidence and reinforces that fact that you CAN have what you want in your life.

Today’s it’s the choice to play the violin, learn a language, take on horseback riding, or re-engage in playing tennis every week.  Tomorrow, who knows what you might want to explore on a larger scale in your life – career, relationships, hobbies, dreams realized.  It’s endless…

That Freedom is your right, your entitlement and your gift.

What is freedom in this life, really? Is there a box with rules that you feel you have to live by every day? Do you feel that you could just jump in a car and take off across the country and live the ultimate life? Do you feel that you’re bound to the rules of society and that is what will make the perfect life for you if you stick to them? What is it that you really want?

What are the standards in your life that will allow you to be who you want to be and have all that makes you happy? And there is the big question, what really makes you happy? What is happy? We may be getting very deep but if you cannot ask these questions about yourself you may not ever figure out what it is that sparks and ignites that “AHA moment” of Reinvention and metamorphosis and bring you closer to the things you want in this life.

Sit quietly with these questions, start to write down your thoughts.

  • Make a list of what makes you happy?

  • How can you be the best version of yourself?

  • What would you like to be doing in your life that would stir you soul and put a skip in your step?

  • What’s the journey and process you need to go through?

  • What are the obstacles you need to clear out of the way (short and long term/big and small)

  • Who or what do you need to surround yourself with to accomplish these goals?

Most of us are blessed to be have the freedom to do what we’d like with our lives – take advantage of it.  Acknowledge the great fortune you have and allow yourself to indulge in living your best possible life.

I’m excited for you to share with me the small and big discoveries you have as you go on this journey – just try something and really note the impact it has in your life and feeding your soul.

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