I’ve never had such a hard time doing nothing.

Well actually I’ve never had the chance to have so much time to do nothing.

And I’m not very good at sitting still.

And when I do sit still and try to do just one thing, my mind races to all the other things I want to do, need to do, could do, should do and then I try to be still and do nothing… but I can’t.

I’m not talking about meditating and trying to still my mind. That is a whole other issue.

Rather there’s so much that I WANT to be doing – writing, marketing work, hobbies, exercise, reading, watching a favorite show, hang time with my hubby doing nothing together, talking to friends, things around the house, projects, art, creative projects or cooking. I want to do all of it and have to figure out how to do a few at the same time sometimes, like cooking and watching a show on my iPad in the kitchen or exercising and listening to an audible book or podcast.

But I know it’s so important to be still, to be able to LISTEN to myself. To allow those jewels inside me to shine and be still enough to recognize them and give space for the new and creative or unheard parts to emanate from within.

So “running in heels” may be a great metaphor for all that I was trying to do five months ago but now that I’ve spent this much time barefoot or in sneakers, I have to say that “running in flats” is a great metaphor for the way I’ve slowed down, smelled the roses, contemplated life and been able to LISTEN to more of what the next chapter will be, the chapter Reinvented…

Seriously, I’ve not worn heels in 20 weeks!! I might have to practice tonight while I’m cooking or cleaning the shower or doing a load of laundry.