TIME OUT! This is Your Life! Reinvention Inspiration

It’s time for an adult TIME OUT! If you can dream it, you can create it!

Do you ever take the time to think about your life? Are you satisfied, elated, complacent, living the dream?  Is it time to answer that question honestly and own your truth?

It’s ok to admit that you’re not living your life just how you want it.  It could be something minor that you just wish you were doing.  It may be a major life decision that you keep putting off, thinking it’s easier to stay in your comfort zone.

Maybe it’s time you allow yourself an adult TIME OUT and a chance to sit back, address the question and focus on your dreams and what you really want in this one life you have.

We are all caught up in the day-to-day of our lives – the work, family, friends, life juggling act. How often do you create “me time”? Like most, probably never. 

Do you feel that those fleeting thoughts while you’re driving, doing dishes or working out is sufficient “me time” to figure it all out? 

News flash – it’s not enough and it’s not dedicated to you and your very specific agenda of Reinventing your life.

If you’re curious or committed, research shows that you actually need to set time aside with a focus and purpose.  Even put an agenda of topics together to think about!

This may sound a little crazy or unnecessary, however, if you think about it, those thoughts such as “I wish I could…” Or “I’m going to try something different…” Or when the kids grow up I will finally do…” or “I’m too young to be feeling this way…” are all good, a start, but it’s a far cry from putting a true road map together to actually realizing your Reinvention.

Make a date with yourself a “Time Out Weekend” – a half day, a weekend, a few weeks – whatever you can carve out. Create a few lists that you can work from as your working tasks for that time.

The lists should consist of:

1. What I used to dream of, think my life would be like when I was younger.  Cover different topics – personal, relationships, health, work, career, hobbies, spiritual, community, volunteer, friendships.

2. Why I took the path I did to be where I am today – who influenced me, why I am where I am, what impact on my life do I believe these things are having on where I want to be.

3. What I envision I could create in my life if I really made it a priority. Cover different topics – personal, relationships, health, work, career, hobbies, spiritual, community, volunteer, friendships.

Be honest with yourself. You don’t need to share this with anyone – it’s for your use and as you spend time with this exercise, look at the gap between your reality and your dreams.  Where can you bridge that gap? What plans can you make to affect just one piece of your life? How can you empower yourself to Reinvent your life?

If you start with this gift to yourself – the gift of time and reflection – you’ll be on the way to creating a profound change that you never realized was possible.

Allow yourself this indulgence. This is YOUR life and you deserve it. Let your fears become adventures. Let your trepidation become courage. Let your complacency become happiness. 

Take a little time out!

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