What are You Afraid Of? Reinventions Come in All Shapes and Sizes! Try One!

Updated: May 19, 2020

“If you continue to do what you’ve always done,

you’ll continue to get what you’ve always gotten!”

So, you’re ready to Reinvent some part of your life and now you need to take the steps towards action, not just dreaming.

I’m all for being a student of life and spending time learning about much that our world has to offer, how to do anything better, lessons learned, and growing as a human being.

But when it starts to become an excuse for not getting off our butts to do something that we are dreaming and wishing we could do, and we spend more time talking about it or studying how to do it, instead of just doing it... we need to rethink this.

How many of you are reading self-help books and listening to lots of podcasts to inspire and motivate you? How many lists have you made about what you’re going to do with this great new idea? Do you have notes all over the place with great ideas and brainstorms you’ve had that you can’t wait to get to work on? You have this great idea that you want to launch but you think you need to learn or study or listen to just a little more before you actually do it, right?

But you just haven’t busted a move yet, have you? Analysis causes paralysis and it sounds like you’re caught up in this conundrum wishing you could find the time and re-prioritize a few things in your life so you can get to work on your next chapter, your dream project or your life Reinvention.