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The Reinvention Exchange is a place to exchange ideas, thoughts and share some great contributions and inspiration from the world of Reinvention.


We will regularly feature experts, great websites we love, innovators and storytellers who are out there doing great work, writing books, posting blogs and creating content that will inspire you.  


This is OUR community and EXCHANGE -- if you have any great ideas and favorite inspired links to sites, podcasts, talks and inspired thinking, please share with me and I'll include them in future updates.


There are many aspects of your life that you can play with and each contributor will motivate you differently.


  • Gabrielle Garofalo – Gabrielle Garofalo is the creator of The Pause for Pleasure Process; a series of practices that help over-stressed professionals tap into pleasure and joy as the antidote for the modern-day challenges of burnout, boredom, and living in a world on fire. Gabrielle has more than 25 years of expertise in advertising, branding, media, events, and personal development and in 2018, she shiftaed gears, delving into coaching and seamlessly integrating various modalities including body positivity, yoga nidra, meditation, and emotional intelligence. Inspired by Abraham Hicks, Gabby Bernstein, and others, Gabrielle's teachings center on pleasure as a powerful catalyst for personal transformation.

  • Sandy Abrams, Breathe to Succeed – These days our minds are distracted, our attention spans are shortened, we want everything on demand, in-boxes are never empty, our energy is frequently negative, we're addicted to news and social media, and we're sleep deprived. Sound familiar?! This cannot be the new normal. Breath is the antidote! Sandy Abrams shares the transformative power of breath in business and life. Even just three deep breaths at key moments can be nothing short of miraculous. With Abrams's fast, simple, and effective breathing techniques, you'll become more mindful and engaged and experience better moods, a calmer perspective, and positive energy that will translate to next-level productivity, creativity, and clarity. Activate the power of your mind to breathe through challenges, make better decisions, and reach goals effortlessly. Breathe to Succeed book is endorsed by Arianna Huffington and execs from Google, Aetna/CVS Health, SAP, Sage software and the US Air Force. Sandy is on a mission to empower people to create their optimal energy for success & deep, mindful breath at a time!  

  • Inflection Point Partners (IPP) - Matt Spielman and his team at IPP ignite careers and energize lives. My friend, Matt, is a former executive who transitioned to execution coach, in doing so, has positively impacted thousands of lives. While Matt’s clients find themselves in different positions, each is looking to achieve meaningful outcomes. He has clients who are looking to transition and find more meaning in their career. Others who want to perform at their desired level in their role. And he has those who are focused on how they feel every day.  To deliver for his clients, Matt has extensive training as an executive coach, career coach and as a health & well-being coach. Matt’s approach is based on performance. As a former athlete and then a successful sales leader, he knows that results matter. He and his clients establish clear criteria for success at the outset, and he uses his Game Plan System (GPS) to get his clients to their desired destination.  You can find more information about Matt and his firm here:

  • Covey Club – Created by former MORE Magazine Editor-in-Chief - Lesley Jane Seymour, is the new destination for women looking for relevant and exciting content that inspires lifestyle Reinvention and action. Where life-long learners meet, connect, and grow with other intelligent accomplished women. Join us! Expand your world. Make your voice heard. Live your most authentic life.

  • Diana Nyad – On September 2, 2013, at the age of sixty-four, Diana Nyad became the first person to swim from Cuba to Florida without the aid of a shark cage, swimming 111 miles in fifty-three hours from Havana to Key West. In the 1970s, she became known as the world’s greatest long-distance swimmer with her open-water achievements, including a record-breaking swim around Manhattan. For the next thirty years, Nyad was a prominent sports broadcaster and journalist, filing compelling stories for National Public Radio, ABC’S Wide World of Sports, and others. She is the author of the upcoming memoir, Find a Way, and three other books is a national fitness icon, is a talented linguist, and is one of today’s most powerful and engaging public speakers. She and her expedition partner Bonnie Stoll co-founded @EverWalk – the largest walking initiative in American History designed to inspire America to get up and WALK! and


  • Kathy Smith – a former client of mine is a New York Times bestselling author, has stood at the forefront of the fitness and health industries for over 30 years. She has sold more than 20 million exercise DVDs, and she has been featured on countless media outlets, including The Today Show, The Oprah Winfrey Show, The View and Good Morning America.  Her new podcast, On Health: The Art Of Living ranked as the #18 podcast on iTunes’ overall New and Noteworthy list, and the #12 best show in Fitness & Nutrition. Its radio-on-demand format highlights the latest research and information on how to lead a healthier lifestyle, break bad habits and instill positive new behaviors in order to have a fit body and fit brain! Check out her blog and podcasts.

  • Gabrielle Bernstein – Gabrielle is a #1 bestselling author of the books "Super Attractor," "Judgement Detox," "The Universe Has Your Back," "Miracles Now," “Add More ~ing to Your Life” – A hip guide to happiness and “Spirit Junkie – A Radical Road to Self-Love and Miracles” “May Cause Miracles” (published by Random House.)   “So long, Carrie Bradshaw—there’s a new role model for go-getting thirty-somethings. Gabrielle Bernstein is doling out inner peace and self-love to the post-modern spiritual set.” — Elle magazine

  • Mel Robbins – is a life coach and is widely respected for her grab-’em-by-the-collar advice and tough love. Robbin's drills through the mental clutter that stands between people and what they want.  Her approach is smart, effective and entertaining.

  • Marlo Lyons – has spent more than 20 years inspiring, motivating, and empowering people to excel in their careers and businesses. Marlo's own career transitions from TV News reporter, to entertainment lawyer to HR Business Partner in two different industries, to career and executive coach helped her develop Career Transition Strategies® which she uses to help others forge their own career pathway, whether that means obtaining a new job at the right company, transitioning to a new career, recovering from a termination, or re-entering the workforce after a long absence. You can reach Marlo at and find her new book Wanted -> A New Career on Amazon.

  • Maria Shriver – – Ideas, Inspiration, and Information for ARCHITECTS OF CHANGE. Truly an amazing site with lots of great content.


  • Daryn Kagan – Founder of, a wonderful website with inspiring new stories and author of What’s Possible! 50 True Stories of People Who Dared To Dream They Could Make a Difference


Many more to come but this is a great beginning for you.
Enjoy and #HappyReinventing

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