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Don’t Delete! It’s “For A Friend” - Reinventing Can Shake Things Up - Find Your Personal Brand

Hello Are You Still In There? Look, Listen and You Will Find Yourself!


Wait, before you delete this… there just might be someone in your life who could use a little nudge… so if not for YOU, then “for a friend” … read on?

I’m sure you know someone who is in a quandary, perhaps a bit of an identity crisis – they’ve come so far and yet feel a little lost. They’ve got a full and rich life with success and friends and spiritual connection but they’re still contemplating what to do next – in a relationship, a job, a health & fitness challenge…something they’re dreaming of changing …and this might give them the tools to Reinvent some little part of their life that could have a huge impact.

There’s a little nugget here that could set them on the course that could affect their life in some way.

We’ve all been there… that place where we have that gnawing feeling that somethings just not right but we keep pushing it to the back of our mind and decide it’s just not the right time to pursue it now. If you’ve lived with it this long, why not wait a little longer – next weekend, next month, next year?

And there it is… year’s later, and you’re wondering why you’re still in that bad relationship, an unsatisfying job or haven’t pursued that health kick that would make you “one of them” instead of watching from the sidelines wishing and wanting to be that person.

So whether it’s for YOU or “for a friend”…read on a little and perhaps share this with others that could benefit from a dose of motivation and a few good tips to send you on your way to the life you’re trying to live! Now!

What Are You Waiting For?

There may be things you’ve been wanting to do for years, months…you keep putting them off but they’re on your “Bucket List” – it may be cleaning out the garage, getting a new job, breaking up from a bad relationship, donating your time, traveling the world, climbing a mountain, learning a language…these little things that nag at you are there for a reason but you’re not giving them a voice or a place in your life.

Feeling the passion, trying to get clear on what moves us – emotionally, physically, mentally, and spiritually – whatever it is that connects with us – that’s what we need to listen to – that’s how we start to understand WHO WE ARE and what our PERSONAL BRAND is all about. Then we can communicate to the universe what we want – thus attracting exactly what we deserve and how to achieve it. It takes some soul searching and a few exercises to understand and define your own PERSONAL BRAND.

So, what’s YOUR brand? Start asking yourself some simple questions –

  • What do I like?

  • Who do I like?

  • What music rocks my soul?

  • What music soothes my soul?

  • When am I the happiest?

  • When was the last time I was the happiest?

  • How do I like to spend the weekends?

  • What is it that I dream of doing for vacation?

  • Where do I want to go?

  • What haven’t I seen?

  • Do I like to write? If so, when did I last do it?

  • Do I sing in the shower? The car? The living room? In front of others?

  • Doodling – is it with some sophisticated talent? Or does it look geometrical and pattern-like?

  • What color did I last pick to paint something in my home?

  • If it weren’t for money, what would I really be doing with my life?

It’s amazing how much we take for granted about ourselves and when we start to ask ourselves these questions, tune into ourselves again and figure out “who’s really in there,” we allow ourselves to be open to reinterpretation and connecting with the things that actually matter to us. It’s called Listening!

Would you like to start the Reinvention process, but just don’t know how? Then try some of these baby-steps and with every milestone, know that you’re getting a little bit closer to your PERSONAL BRAND and defining what you want out of life –

  • Create a Roadmap

  • Write it, Draw it – Capture it

  • Collect it – pictures, things, sights, sounds, smells, understand what you like

  • Do one thing to shake up your routine

  • Learn or practice a hobb

  • Sing, paint, write, knit, meditate, work out, go out with a friend for a drive, go shop, take a jog, clean out a closet, go fishing

  • Reflect on that feeling of satisfaction and accomplishment

  • Write your list(s) – what to do, who to talk to, what to read and research, how to get there

  • Who’s involved? Talk to them and create the reality

  • Find a mentor or peer with similar interests

  • Take baby steps in the right direction

  • Track your changes and the frequency with which you step out of your comfort zone and accomplish something towards your goal

For a longer and more detailed Roadmap with step-by-step tips and Power Tools, please delve into my book RE:INVENT YOUR LIFE! WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR? now at Apple Books or

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