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"If I could I would..."

How would you finish that sentence? Do find yourself thinking this often?

Do you want to live your life in the shadows of "I could?"

Seconds, minutes, hours, days, weeks, months, years…they fly by and sometimes you’re inclined to wake up and say “where did the time go?”

Living the life you most desire won't happen all on its own. You have to consciously create your reality and mold your life to make it what you want.

Maybe you're in a bad relationship. Sure, you can live with it for a while and maybe continue to be somewhat happy, but maybe you’re both better off moving on and creating an even better life with someone more caring/engaged. If one of you have changed over time and your relationship has shifted, it may be hard to admit to it but if you both deserve happiness, maybe that’s ok.

What about a job that isn’t quite what you’ve dreamed about? You keep putting off the work involved in finding a better career, thinking that “it will never happen anyway” or maybe you “don’t deserve it.” But you do deserve it and if it means finding a passion in life and seeking ways to make money from that business, there are ways to get there. So, what exactly are you doing about it?

Change is never easy, but Reinvention and evolution can be really fun. Don’t think of it as leaving other things behind, but rather as a chance to take lessons from where you’ve been and that all those other experiences have been a springboard to what’s next. Don’t have regrets for what you’ve been doing in any of these places in your life – work, relationships, spiritual, health – they’ve made you who you are today and led to this point of clarity and inspiration to create something even greater.

If you take the time to focus on the parts of your life that are worthy of a little Reinvention, you can dig into it – call it “PROJECT ME” and go for it.

Come up with your Action List – pros, cons, things you have to do, people who may be a part of it, a timeline, goals, milestones, and ideas that will get you there.

Write it down – Buy a great little notebook and make it your place to check in with daily. Create tabs or sections for each category you want to focus on and the project details listed above. You can use a computer or notepad on your smartphone, but writing on paper in a little notebook that you can always have with you. This will give you access to it all the time and is more visceral – connecting at a deeper level with you, thus helping you to actualize it.

Make a date with yourself – pick a time each day that you know you can stick to – wake up 15 min. earlier, 15 min before bedtime, 15 min of your lunch hour. Whatever else you’ve been doing, make this your new priority – “PROJECT ME” should be your priority – if you don’t put yourself first, who will?

Reinventions and evolutions in your life are inspired, creative, exciting times – and they’re YOURS – you don’t need to rely on ANYONE else to make a decision for you and set the course for this process and journey.

I’ve been juggling a fabulous company for 30 years, an incredible family and tremendous friends. My life is wonderful and every day I wonder what else I can fill my life with – the world and our lives have so much to offer us.

My Reinvention (one of the many and ongoing) is incorporating this Reinvention “business” into my existing life, all while running a successful marketing/branding/sponsorship agency for global clients.  Making time and effort to make this happen isn’t easy – as anyone who knows me will tell you – but it’s worth it. I am writing blogs, a book, doing interviews, creating a TV project, looking at brand extensions and other ways to bring these stories and this inspiration to thousands. It’s my “hobby” for now but could one day be a media company and brand that will deliver more than just smiles to others.

If you had the chance to dig in and create your Reinvention, what would it be?

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