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I love hearing peoples’ stories. I see a family out for brunch, a woman eating alone, a man in a business suit, two friends chatting, a group of teenagers hanging out…and I’m curious.  Who are they, where are they from, what have they endured, who have they inspired, what’s been their contribution to humanity or community, are they happy or sad, coming or going, simple or complex, where were they born, where are they headed, what do they think about... what’s their story?

Not everything and everyone is as they appear and behind these facades, we often find captivating and surprising stories. Though we usually don't think about it, we are constantly surrounded by these anecdotes; they just show up in different ways. Hardly do we ever consider that any of these stories could actually be sources of inspiration.

Everyone is the protagonist of their own story – the main character.  We bring our own self-workings, emotions, and experiences to all that is around us and everyone we interact with. It shapes our realities, meaning we are all living in our own realities with unique perceptions of the world. Perhaps alternative perceptions, those we are yet to be exposed to, could influence our own and act as a source of inspiration.

Have you ever looked at a house on your street and wondered who lives there? Watched a little old lady walking down the street and wondered what her long life sorry can tell – history, observations, wisdom, heartbreak, moments of courage?  The man sitting with his two boys having breakfast – is it just another day in their routine or is this the special monthly breakfast with divorced parents?

Maybe by allowing ourselves to consider the endless possibilities that are constantly surrounding us, we can gain a better understanding of the world around us and eventually, a better understanding of ourselves. Understanding ourselves at a deeper level is an important catalyst for Reinvention, and this is one of the methods I use to trigger it.

I’m always curious, I love to imagine and weave stories and tales in my mind and then wonder how right or wrong my hunch is about what I’m observing. As I go about my busy days with my busy mind, it never ceases to amaze me the room I make for this imaginative process.  It’s a game of sorts and a big reason I don’t mind chatting with strangers.

So next time you glance at the old man crossing the road, that teenager with her friends giggling over a coffee at Starbucks, that sad lady on the phone in the middle of a shopping center, the young man at the grocery checkout... remember that everyone has a story – they’re the protagonist in their life. Maybe, we’re playing a supporting role in their story. And maybe, by considering all the stories that surround us, we can get a better idea of who we are how we exist in our own narrative.

Aren’t you a bit curious?

What’s your story? Are you living the story you want your life to be? It’s never too late to Reinvent your life in a myriad of ways.


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