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A special thank you to my wonderful friends and colleagues who shared

their RE: INVENTION stories for this book.


In Order of Appearance:

Bob Wosnitzer

Cal Fussman

George Leon

Scott Neitlich

James Damian

Lisa Licht

Maureen Barten

Matt Hanover

Beth Comstock

Shelley Zalis

Charlie Engle

Daryn Kagan

Lesley Jane Seymour

Gaye Dean

Shannon Babcock

Brad Jakeman

Linda Sivertsen

Chris Pepe

Valerie Lewis

Stephanie Sperber

Diana Nyad

Marla Baldassare

Jenifer Kramer

James Orsini

Amy Lorbati

Lori Geller

Marci Freedman

Lori Sale

Robin Cousins

Ilene Sykes

I also wanted to acknowledge the following individuals whose influential work 

was referenced throughout the book.

Dr. Aaron Beck

Arianna Huffington

Richard Hytner Consigliere

Chase Jarvis

Dr. Gail Mathews

Dr. Patrick Porter

Gary Vaynerchuck

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