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Norman A. 

"As someone who has reinvented himself numerous times in my life and my career, I wish Kathi had written this book years ago. It’s not that I would have failed any less, or doubted myself any less, or made any fewer missteps. It’s that reading her book would have likely inspired me to start my journey to happiness earlier, and would have made me understand much sooner that I was not alone in thinking that I was alone. What Kathi’s book does so brilliantly, through interesting stories of people who walked away from unhappy situations to reinvent themselves, through her reinvention “power tools”, and though her own hard won wisdom, is give us in bite size morsels the game plan and training manual for our reinvention, the nourishment we’ll need along the way, and ultimately the cheering crowd in our heads when we realize it’s all been worthwhile. Great book."


"Thank you Kathi for making this book, I feel like you wrote it just for me! I’m at a time in my life where I’ve been seeking answers on how I can live my best life and reinvent certain aspects where I feel “stuck”. I’ve enjoyed how you take real stories from real people - I know I’m not alone. Your power tools have helped me start

take the baby steps I need!"

S. Ribnik

"At a time when so many of us are forced to re-invent our lives due to the Covid-19, this is timely and well written."

Mart Martin

"I've read a lot of these type books. Seriously. A lot. To me, Reinvent Your Life is one of the most accessible I have read. Here's what I mean: It's written in a very conversational tone. The chapters are just the right length. They're filled with stories of real people with real life challenges, and how they overcame them through reinventing. There are more than 25 exercises that are simple yet thought-provoking, and helpful as you think through what the next chapter of your life might look like. I was inspired,

and I think you will be too."


"This book is a great gateway into the journey of reinvention! I love all of the stories and anecdotes and think it will be helpful for anyone who wants to reinvent themselves in any aspect of their life."


"Amazing read & inspiring too! Gave it to my mom right after I finished - must read for anyone who might have an inkling to shake things up... and there are straight forward tools to do so!"


"This book could not have come at a better time! It's filled with great advice that helps you realize that you can make a change....even in your later years! I thought the power tools were especially helpful and true. It's a great reminder to take the time to think about and evaluate what is really important to you, and gives you the means to start the process of reinvention! Great read!"

Marla Baldasarre

"I really loved this book. It did not feel like a "Self Help" book. I found it an enjoyably easy read, with amazing tools and tasks that are so helpful in life's journey. I don't think you need to be on a reinvention journey to get something out of this book. Read it, you will be very happy."

Noah Annes

"Kathi is an incredibly inspiring person and this book captures her energy to push people to make changes for the better. Loved hearing from other inspiring and successful people as well. Def worth the read!"

Marci Freedman 

"This book came at the perfect time! I am totally RE-inventing my life and it was so powerful to read Kathi’s book and read the different stories from people who have made major moves and shifts in their lives. Very inspiring and I loved the power tools!"

Autumn Nazarian 

"I loved reading all of the stories of people who realized they needed a big change in their lives. So inspirational to learn all the different ways people found the courage to take action to change course and be their authentic selves. It’s a freeing thing to realize that you can reinvent your life, at any stage of life. It’s also a good reminder to really check in with yourself and make sure that your aren’t mistaking stability for satisfaction. Life is short! I loved this book and bought an extra one for a friend!"

Meg Scherrer 

"After reading this book, I realized that I am a serial reinventor. Whether I planned it or not. Now, in the midst of this pandemic, I once more find myself asking, what I should do? Make plans that are just for me."

Andrea Kinloch

"I’ll admit that it was a little hard to dig into this book but that was because I was afraid of what I might discover. Fear of change, fear of regret and who knows what else. But I am so glad I did! This book has such great stories about reinventing in ways big and small. And what I really loved were the practical and thoughtful exercises to help bring my own thinking/feeling about my career and purpose into focus. This helped me to gain Insight and courage to move toward a more fulfilling path. Loved it!"

Brooke White

"A tangible, hands-on, actionable book for the times. The stories from the author's friends and colleagues are immediately relatable, and the Power Tools take this book's inspirational messages to the next level. †here's something for everyone here, no matter where you are in your Reinvention journey. Bring your pens and post-its to the reading of this rare and interactive gem."


"This book came out at the perfect time for me and many people who want to live more fulfilling lives. It is a wonderfully inspirational, step-by-step guide that will provide insight and perspective that will motivate you to ACT! Don't wait! Ask the important questions NOW and get moving toward your most authentic self. Throw away conventional thinking and RE-Invent yourself!"

Luisa J

"Practical, honest and funny - This is a blueprint for whatever stage of reinvention you find yourself at! I have reverted to different chapters at different points to get me through a block or a challenge in my process. Even though “doing the work” can be difficult, it has the right amount of tough love - and the perfect balance of humor."

Lein Smith

"Kathy breaks everything down in a very meaningful way and really makes you think. I've already shared the book with a few friends and they love it as well! Asks all the right questions in order to prompt action. : )"

GB Dean

"I loved this book. It really gives you some simple and easy ways to reflect on yourself and move forward to make big or small changes in your life. The stories are relatable and interesting. I have purchased this book for some friends going through a tough time. They loved it too. What are you waiting for? Buy and read the book.

It could change your life!"

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