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Binge Watching – the Latest Reinvention of Entertainment Consumption

Over the holidays you’ll have time on your hands to do the things you’ve been talking about for months – one of my favorites is Binge Watching some of those great shows that I couldn’t quite fit into the schedule while juggling work, clients, family and everything else in my hectic life.

So now we have a few weeks of down time to indulge, what’s going to be your pleasure? Have you thought about the whole notion of Binge Watching?

This is the Reinvention of something we’ve been doing for a long time. The thirst for engagement in a good story and its characters is the reason we’ve loved to read since the beginning of the written word, only now we have new platforms and media on which to consume these stories.

Binge watching is like reading a book. All these shows are now at your disposal on the many televisions and gadgets we have at our fingertips, and just like a book that you can read all in one seating, you can now watch 8-12 episodes one after another. It’s the old fashioned way of consuming entertainment and why books have been around and enjoyed forever. Binge Watching is just a little easier and certainly entertaining.

Has Binge Watching taken a page from good ole fashion reading? I believe it has. Chapter after chapter – episode after episode; you can keep reading and reading as you get immersed in the story, the characters and get to shut out the rest of your real world while you delve deeper into the story-telling. That said, nothing replaces a great book!!!

Is anything ever really new? In the marketing business we constantly borrow from other industry practices to make something feel new and different.  That’s all that’s happened here, yet no one has recognized the similarities between these two entertainment habits. So whether it’s NETFLIX, HULU, SHOWTIME, HBO, ABC, NBC, CBS, A&E, FOX, Amazon or any other great platforms – go find that series everyone’s been talking about and take some time off from the real world to enjoy a little!  Whether it’s Binge Watching…or Binge Reading – just indulge yourself in great story-telling.

Reinventing our world …what’s old is new.  Where else might we see this?

What will you indulge in during these holidays?

Share your thoughts and comments and what’s your favorite series that you’ve Binge Watched?

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