“Blurred Lines,” the song title that was all the rage this summer, is an interesting metaphor for how many people live their lives.

Are you open minded? Do you live with passion? Is your life your creation or someone else’s?

Do you have a clear cut definition of who you are and how you want to live?   Have you defined your personal self from your work self? Are they one-in-the-same? Are you living your dream or someone else’s? Is it all just a blur and you’re simply treading water because that’s just what you do?

As Socrates said –

“The unexamined life is not worth living.” 

There’s a reason he was recognized as an inspired and wise man that we still quote today.

We all know someone who is “stuck” in their lives and constantly sharing (aka complaining) about how miserable they are with something or someone.  It’s usually fear that stops them from confronting it head on and figuring out how to move on.  But really, what is “fear”?  Fear is in our imagination and is a choice.  We’re telling ourselves a story.  It’s not real. It’s what we make it.  It’s only as strong as the power and the voice you give it.

So how can you give so much power to something that is not real?  How can your journey, dreams, passions and life fantasies not be more powerful than fear?  Is the risk of daring and maybe failing, not so worth the reward?

How truly risky is that change and reinvention that you want to explore?

In my life change was always an adventure?  Throughout my childhood, we moved to three very different countries and had to start over with new neighborhoods, friends, schools and surroundings.  I loved it and took on each move with curiosity, a sense of exploration and an interest to build the next place in my life.  It gave me the tools to have an appreciation for new things and getting to know something or someone from the beginning.

When tackling a new project, client, hobby, friendship, it’s with this same attitude that I embrace it.

Not everyone has the same feeling about change and reinvention. The unknown can be a little daunting for some but I encourage you to look at the reward, the