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DOORS: The Gateway to Reinvention


Doors hold the promise of something new. Whether it be curiosity, adventure, mystery, or a fresh start, it all lies just on the other side of that door. As the gateway that lies between your past and your future, we can be inches apart yet so divided from our aspirations.

Doors separate rooms, tones, themes, experiences, and activities, having their own distinct ‘place’ and worlds. In this sense, place refers to the general atmosphere of a space with it’s own set of relative values, principals, and derived meanings. How is it that one door has the potential to bring them together when open? To merge these two spaces. As you step through one door to the next, the new environment is usually in deep contrast to the other, leaving traces of the old yet opening your eyes to the new. The door symbolizes a gateway to something different.

The metaphor of a door captures the moment in time when we’re on the precipice of a movement, decision, opportunity… or REINVENTION. We stand in the familiar, with the vision of what’s on the other side right before us. Based on that vision, we can choose to walk through it and embrace change with an open mind and open heart - OR, we can choose to stand in the doorway till we’re ready. We can even step back and never cross that threshold.

The idea is to never let your vision stop you from moving forward. We typically find comfort in believing in our own predispositions and ideals, but we can’t sacrifice our personal/professional/spiritual growth in pursuit of comfort. Discomfort is very much part of the Human experience, without it, it is almost impossible to evolve.

Doors offer a glimpse into the future, a hint as to what’s next. The option to indulge in it is yours. Is it freedom or confinement? Future or regression? Stand still or Reinvent your life? These defining moments, whether small or large, are the doorways of your life and offer you the choice: opportunity or restraint.

I always walk through those doorways. Usually, I run through them! I find these gateways exciting and look forward to approaching what’s next.

What about you?
How do you approach these doors?
What does your doorway look like?
Big, small. simple, ornate? Wood, iron?
With windows, without?
How do the doors that present themselves in your life show up? And when?
Are they barriers for you?
Do they stop you or invite you?

When one door closes, another opens. You just have to walk through it.


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