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Empty Nester? Perfect Time to Reinvent Your Life!


All the connotations of an empty nest appear to be negative and come with a huge dose of sadness. Our babies have flown the nest, left the coop, moved on to grow as adults and leave us holding … memories! Memories of the most beautiful, challenging, emotional, happy, special, life-changing moments ever.

I love being a mom and everything it entails - feeling needed, wanted, nurturing, care-taking, and constantly being in awe of these amazing growing people that that WE created!!! It never ceases to amaze me, gives me such incredible joy, and fills my heart.

For some, this is a time of celebration – to have the house back to yourself, to do what you want when you want, to have no day-to-day care-taking responsibilities. No more late-night trips to the market to make sure there’s basic necessities in the fridge to feed your kids…and god forbid you have to make cookies for that bake-sale fundraiser at midnight while you’re on a business deadline!

Now, those hugs and face-to-face conversations have transformed into texts, calls, and expensive plane tickets.

But I’ve got news for you! This is also the greatest time to consider Reinventing Your Life! It doesn’t have to be HUGE but as you know, Reinventions come in ALL shapes and sizes so just consider this for a moment…

Your empty nest has given you ZERO excuses to put off all those things you “said” you wanted to do. So what are you going to do with all those extra hours and the lack of responsibilities that you used to have day in and day out? The answer...Reinvention!

So put on those running shoes, download that language app, go buy that garden shovel, pick up your old guitar, go tell your boss how you feel about your job so you can get that promotion, clean out and redo one of the rooms, do that volunteer work that your subconscious mind has been urging you to do, call up some friends you’ve been pushing aside for years, pick up that tennis racket, take back your weekends, and do. something. fun.

Getting the picture?

This is YOUR time, again! Use it wisely, love your children, make sure they’re doing great and support them as they grow into great people but also, show them how it’s done and what is possible in life because one day, they will be empty nesters too!

It’s actually an amazing way for your kids to see that we should NEVER stop exploring the world, our interests, and our passions. Don't only teach them, show them their years in college are just the beginning of them testing out life as adults, finding their interests and passions, and starting their unique journeys in life as they learn about things they never even knew existed.

Just like they will be making new discoveries and Reinventions as they start on their own path, you get another turn to do the same! You may not be in 18 years old in college, but there’s an entire world full of hobbies, interests, destinations, and people to discover.

Perhaps our journey is just beginning again so rethink those tough moments. Don’t be sad or anxious that your kids aren’t around; cease the moment and dig deep. So empty nesters, what are your passions? How are you going to live this one incredible life? What are your Reinventions going to look like?


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