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End of Summer…Chill – Reflect – Reinvent

It’s Labor Day weekend – a great time to reflect on the beauty of the Summer while digging into the “back-to-school” mentality of the Fall.  Maybe you had a few lazy days where you got to reflect on your life, dream about the things you intend to do this coming year and actually made that list that will be your roadmap for your Reinvented future.

Or maybe you didn’t…

That’s ok – it’s never too late!  You can do it any time – steel 15 minutes and make a list of all the fun you want to be having in your life, the dreams you’ve not yet fulfilled, the places you want to go, the career you wish you had, the relationships you’d love to surround yourself with, the health regimen you are inspired by, or the hobbies that you’d love to indulge in.

Lists – commitments – visualization – action…

It’s not that complicated if you create the intention and have the true desire to Reinvent your life, even in some tiny little way.

This is YOUR life – so seize the day and don’t let fear of change get in your way.  Life can be a tremendous adventure and each time you take those baby steps to creating what you want, the rewards will feel fabulous.  Allow yourself that.

Indulge yourself – you absolutely deserve it!

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