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Maybe We Should…New Year’s Resolutions #HappyReinventing

Me? Write a New Year’s Resolution blog? You bet! Wouldn’t miss a chance like this while it’s the topic of conversation to inspire, motivate and remind you of what you’re capable of being in this lifetime.

If not now, when?

Yes, this is the same me who previously avoided putting out a blog during New Years as it was too “cliche” … I believed. So many resolutions established and unfulfilled. I just didn’t want to get into it in a New Year’s blog as I like to inspire year-round, not just once a year.

But maybe we really need to take heed of this age old tradition. After so many years of saying and resolving NOT to make any resolutions, we stop believing in the magic of simply setting our minds to something and making it happen.

That’s all it’s about, yet the repeated failures at whatever that lofty goal was causes us to eventually lose faith in ourselves and the ability to believe we have the discipline to stick to something we’re committed to.

The more that happens, we tend to give in to status quo – and our big dreams become smaller and smaller. Our visions of what we see ourselves doing becomes relegated to someone else and then we look on as an eager and wishful by-stander. Is that really what you want?

What we forget is it’s not too late to create those realities for ourselves. This year, have the courage to make one or two resolutions – make them “bite size,” achievable, attainable, then set more milestones. No need to take it all on at once.

But be specific about your goals – the more detailed, the more you’ll envision where you’re headed and paint the picture in your mind’s eye to focus on. What are you going to do specifically to get to that goal? Like I’ve said often in my blogs – go ahead, write it down. You’ll be amazed at the impact and ownership that will have. Share your goals with someone that matters to you – create accountability and it will help you stick to your plans.

Pick any area of your life – health, fitness, career, spiritual, hobbies, family, friends, community service – and give it some focus. What will you do that will allow you to take stock in 3-6-12 months from now and know you accomplished what you set out to do?

The attached link courtesy of @DaveKerpen has tips from 11 entrepreneurs from the Young Entrepreneurs Club – – sharing secrets for keeping your New Year’s resolutions. Something in here just might resonate with you.

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