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It’s about the journey.

That’s the point.

If you choose to find the best and beauty in everything,

you’ll enjoy the journey.

The choice is yours.

How do you choose to live out this life?

Ready to Reinvent?

Big or Small?

Change is Adventure.

Stretching feels Good.

Channel the Fear into Momentum.



Happy New Year! It’s that time of the year that we all recommit to ourselves in some way. We dredge up old Resolutions, promise we’ll stick to them this year, and give it a new twist so that we actually believe that this time it will work.

Sound familiar?

How about we change our story and reframe resolutions as REINVENTIONS?

Think about it – even the word Resolution/Resolve doesn’t make you want to adhere to the commitment you’re making. It doesn’t sound fun. It sounds like you’re acquiescing to something you don’t really want to do.

This year call it your New Year’s REINVENTIONS!

REINVENTIONS are fun, adventurous, and curiosity seeking. They come in all shapes and sizes and are a wonderful way to enjoy a REINVENTION journey!

When it comes to REINVENTION … trust yourself!

We’re surrounded by so much information that sometimes it paralyzes us, and we don’t know which way to turn – this diet, that investment, now that’s bad for you, only this is good for you…

We’re all different and we’re adults with research and information on everything at our fingertips. Take in the information and figure out what is right for you. Then you can own it and forge a path that includes these new tools, habits, programs, interests.

If New Year’s Resolutions are the moment of reflection for you – then this might just help…

If you are ready to make that leap and become more fit, or find that new career path, or get into a good relationship, or do some great volunteer work, or whatever your passion is to pursue, then set realistic goals so that you can feel good about achieving them, and the milestones along the way.

Whether we want to or need to, these little or big REINVENTIONS are incredible journeys and you want to map yours out, just like you would if you were going on a vacation to somewhere new and interesting.

A few fundamental steps are involved so write them down, especially because in weeks or months from now, when you’re having a “down day” or feeling challenged with your goals, reading your game plan will reinforce the reason and spirit with which you set out to do it –

  • Pick your destination – where do you want to end up?

  • Do some research – what’s involved, what more do you need to know, will this require some education, courses, reading, meetings with others?

  • How do you work your REINVENTION into your current life – what gives? What stays in place? What must be reorganized to make this work?

  • Who’s involved and how will these new plans affect them? How will they be involved?

  • Who else do you need to engage in your process for support, guidance, mentoring, inspiration?

  • What are the first five things you’ll need to do to get on the path?

  • What’s your personal measurement of success in this journey? How will you know you’re on the right path and pleased with your Reinvention?

Whatever your passion, wherever this next adventure takes you, prepare yourself with a RE:INVENTION Road Map to get there – this is not work – this is your journey, so enjoy every step of it and own it with a sense of excitement.

Do it with Quiet Dignity, Wisdom in your Heart, Intelligence in your Body and Own the Life You Want.

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