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OPEN THE NEXT CHAPTER: Kick-start your Reinvention


It’s been established! You’ve weighed all the critical issues, banged your head against the wall, and complained to everyone you know. You are frustrated and unhappy with yourself, but you don’t know why. You know you need to do something, you’re just not quite sure what that “something” is… You are ready for the next chapter.

It’s time to Reinvent Your Life! So... what now?

Let’s start here… ask yourself “what was I doing when I was at my absolute happiest?” Maybe you were 5, 12, or even 20! Just think about the happiest times of your life.

From the perspective of that time frame, what were some of your aspirations? Did you want to be an artist, a fireman, a dancer, or even a musician?

Dig deep, close your eyes and think of what you used to imagine your life to be …”one day.”

The young artist grew up, was told to go to school, learn something that would help make them money one day and get a job so they could help support the family. Who knows where those painting supplies are! So here you are, 25 years later, chained to your desk, your life duties, commitments, and financial responsibilities… Perhaps your own kids are the ones dreaming.

I ask you this – when was the last time you picked up a paint brush?

Did you ever consider how you’d feel if you bought yourself a new canvas? Turning the page to your next chapter could be as simple as this - the thrill of nurturing your decadent, ridiculous, childish whim. Ok, so maybe you’ll not become the next Takashi Murakami, but what if you took classes or remind yourself how to paint - maybe get some “like-minded” buddies together and share your creations.

Sound ridiculous? FABULOUS! It should! This will nurture your soul in a way you haven’t felt in years and potentially motivate you to further pursue what you love. Your “mid-life crisis” does not have to be a crisis, it can be a new chapter for you to indulge in your passions! Those same passions that have been collecting dust all these years.

Maybe when you go to work on Monday, you’ll have a skip in your step or a smile on your face that just wasn’t there before.

The goal here is to create balance, dig deep, and tap into the things that stir you and give you a sense of accomplishment, satisfaction, stimulation, and simply make you happy while getting back in touch with your true self.

“Hello, are you still in there?”

Ask yourself that question and look back to that moment when you dreamed. It’s priceless…



  1. Keep notes on the things that make you smile in the course of your day – track it in a little notebook - the things that make your heart sing - the places you like to go - the smells you like - the sounds that you like. All of these are little signs of the things in life you want to surround yourself with.

  2. Go somewhere and daydream! Let your thoughts lead the way and give yourself some “me time” to find peace.

  3. Have an idea for a new project? Go for it! No more holding back. For now on, focus on giving yourself as many opportunities as possible to indulge in what you love and connect with yourself. The rest will follow.

  4. You’re entitled to the life you want, so there’s no need to deprive yourself. Take care of the ones around you, don’t abandon them in what might be considered a selfish aspiration, but take the baby steps to create your own happiness. If it’s a bold Reinvention that doesn’t affect others, have the courage to go for it.

The answers to these questions help you focus on the things you love – bringing them to the forefront of your mind – articulating and identifying the things that make you feel simply fabulous! THIS is how you begin your next chapter! #HappyReinventing


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