Put Your Oxygen Mask On First...The Real Meaning

Updated: Dec 2, 2018

Self time ... not selfish

Self empowerment ... not arrogant

Indulgent … self nurturing

Self entitled … deserving

We spend a good part of our lives tending to others, in service of those we love or work for, and in relationships we adapt to the wants and needs of those we love.

As a result, we may not be tending to ourselves with the same care and attention.

You may feel you’re not entitled and that’s just so wrong. This is YOUR life so if not you, then, who?

When you wake up years later and wonder why you’re not doing exactly what you want or the way you want, you may feel the desire to right the course, make some adjustments... or take off in a different direction altogether.

Before you embark on this new reinvention chapter of your life, I’m here to grant you the permission to be selfish and go for it.

But wait...you can’t abandon the kids, your spouse, the people who you love and need you with reckless abandon. But you can indulge in all your whims and fantasies (well, most!) ... and pursue your life passions or free yourself from a way of life that’s not quite what you signed up for but you've ended up living.

This is YOUR life, not someone else’s. What you’ve done to date has caused others to be intertwined with yours so it may not be fair, right or appropriate to jump on a plane tomorrow and disappear for three months to find yourself in Australia, an Ashram or a European bike tour... but with a little planning (yep, here we go again with the plans) and consideration, you actually can!

Many of you feel that you’re not entitled to do what you dream about while you sit and watch the world go by, see your friends and colleagues living out their