Reinventing the Ritual for a More Productive Life

Are you ever slightly overwhelmed by those gurus who say we should have rituals and habits to be successful or happy in life? Who said we need all the structure and all this balance to get through a day?

It really isn’t that complicated, no matter what is going on in our lives. Why are we all trying so hard to create these schedules and disciplines for things that are supposed to be our “downtime”?

Maybe I’ve lived with too much structure in my business every day for 30 years so when it’s not a part of my agency/client/servicing/representing/pitching/deal-making mode, I just want to let loose?!

I want to wake up and see what kind of mood I’m in before I decide what I want to do for the next hour and what order I want to do it in, before I walk out the front door and business confronts me head on. Or when my day is over, I want to walk in the door in the evening and just ease into the next thing or kick off my shoes and maybe make dinner… or maybe not. I want the freedom from a schedule and a “must do” … just for a little while. It provides the space for dreaming, imagining and creating on all levels and we could all do with a little more of that and a little more of nurturing our soul! Between family, friends, work, hobbies and obligations and that 24/7 device in our hand…we have to work harder at NOT having structure and just being present.

Of course, you want to feel productive on some level, but we can do it guilt free and with less pressure so that it strikes a bit more balance and you’ll stick to it.

And what if you are seeking a little Reinvention space in your life – can you imagine fitting that into your creative left side brain with everything else in your world occupying your every thought and minute of your day?

So, if you’re seeking a 10