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Remembering Your Childhood Dreams Can Boost Your Happiness – On Thrive Global

Our earliest inclinations in life are good indicators of our strengths and, ultimately, the kind of work that brings us joy. While you might think that flying to the moon, becoming a rock star, or playing professional hockey are a little unrealistic at this point in your life, that’s OK.

Tailoring your dreams to fit your life right now — joining a garage band, signing up for the regional hockey league, or coaching a kid’s team — can go a long way toward creating the joy you’ve been longing for.

Let’s put everything that “real life” tells us to do aside for a spell and get back to our real selves. Peter Pan, the boy who never grew up, said, “Once you grow up, you can never come back.” I disagree! You’re never too old to access those dreams that drove you to make a microphone out of your hairbrush, build a ladder to the sky out of the pillows from your bed, or make a spaceship out of old boxes in the garage. Imagination is a powerful tool. Dust it off!


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