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So Now What? Reinvent for Good … Let’s Get this Right!

So now what?

Stay in or go out? Where a mask, don’t wear a mask? Wipe off the packages or don’t bother? Gloves or no gloves? One thing you can be sure of is this…

This “pause” has been so good for us!

We never would take, could take, or thought we should take this kind of time to breath, reflect, sit back, stop running around, or feel entitled to reflect on our lives and how we’re living as individuals, as communities and as a society.

Humanity is at its most pivotal point and this is our chance to get it right!

Yes, life as we know it has changed on a dime. It’s as if the whole world was forced to take a “time out!”

However, who we become as a society when the dust eventually settles is up to us.

So how do we figure out how to step back into the real world again and take all of the nuggets and gems that we have picked up in the last three months and make our lives better and Reinvent for Good?

Habits will change

There will be new norms

New vocabulary

New social skills

New stigmas

New biases

New ways to connect

New experiences

New behaviors

New awareness

Is it good? Is it bad?

I know that I’ll miss the laisse faire way we went to a movie, a restaurant, a bar, a gym, a grocery store, shopping, with not a care or thought in the world. I’ll miss my bi-monthly business trips, flights, hotels, dinners and uber rides that occurred without a single thought other than business as usual.

I’ll wonder if the person next to me is secretly carrying the killer virus that’s made us the most paranoid world ever.

But eventually, we will be the better for it.

“Reinvention is about recognizing those blessings in disguise

that force us to stand taller than we ever thought possible and, in turn,

push our lives to new and greater heights.’

It’s up to us to find the silver linings and choose to emerge from the last three months with a renewed sense of self, the world and the opportunities that lie ahead. I have always been a “glass half full kind of gal” but this requires a “cup overfloweth” kind of mentality and attitude.

Talk about getting out of your comfort zone! Here’s how I’ve Reinvented…

I in no way set out to launch my book, RE:INVENT YOUR LIFE! WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR? the week we were being asked to quarantine. Having planned my book launch events for Los Angeles and New York the month that the U.S. went into lockdown, I had to pivot quickly and literally Reinvent my entire game plan for the launch of my book tour, publicity, the audiobook and the RE:INVENT YOUR LIFE podcast.

My book was created to inspire and motivate with 30 interviews from men and women from all walks of life, and 26 actionable Power Tools.

I didn’t realize how the conversation about REINVENTION and PIVOTING would now be the “11 o’clock news” and the center of every personal and business conversation worldwide.

I created the RE:INVENTION Virtual Chats – a series of Zoom events 2x/week - in my “virtual bookstore” and have hosted conversations with interviewees from the book and with other great thought leaders, executives, celebrities and friends, sharing their take on Reinvention and inspiring others with their stories.

Whether forced out of the status quo in our lives or this has enabled the greatest “Ah-Ha Moment,” we could all use a dose of courage, a little imagination, and some tools to move through this transition in our lives and businesses.

Keeping a routine, having a plan, creating a reward system, creating quiet space and boundaries from others around you in the home, and being open to new possibilities are all part of the journey now.

So dig deep, find your courage, create your plan, seek inspiration, open your mind, allow your heart to lead, find your passions, find that dose of entitlement, recognize the silver linings and build your life accordingly.

Reinventions Come in All Shapes and Sizes so as we’re emerging from the fog, know that this is your chance to renew, rebuild, refresh and live life with the love, humanity and passion you and the world deserve!

Own It!

Enjoy Life, Dare Greatly and #HappyReinventing

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