So Now What? Reinvent for Good … Let’s Get this Right!

So now what?

Stay in or go out? Where a mask, don’t wear a mask? Wipe off the packages or don’t bother? Gloves or no gloves? One thing you can be sure of is this…

This “pause” has been so good for us!

We never would take, could take, or thought we should take this kind of time to breath, reflect, sit back, stop running around, or feel entitled to reflect on our lives and how we’re living as individuals, as communities and as a society.

Humanity is at its most pivotal point and this is our chance to get it right!

Yes, life as we know it has changed on a dime. It’s as if the whole world was forced to take a “time out!”

However, who we become as a society when the dust eventually settles is up to us.

So how do we figure out how to step back into the real world again and take all of the nuggets and gems that we have picked up in the last three months and make our lives better and Reinvent for Good?