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 “He that is good for making excuses is seldom good for anything else.”

 – Benjamin Franklin

Do you find yourself living vicariously through others – marveling at their Instagram, reading stories of amazing ventures that others dared to take on, 360 degree life changes that someone had the courage to figure out and tackle?

STOP! It’s time to stop making excuses for putting off your own Reinventions while envying others’. Especially now as you start to enter that next phase of your life. This has the potential to be the most exciting time of rediscovery in your life. Recognize the things that have held you back for the last 20+ years and stop hiding behind them because if you ever had an excuse, now’s the time to dispel it.

Put aside the excuses and make it happen. “What is it?” It is everything that you have been dreaming of yet haven’t had the courage to put into action. This could take ten minutes to act on it, or two years to plan on it; whatever it is… just do it, for goodness sake.

“I’d rather regret the things I’ve done than regret the things I haven’t… ”

– Lucille Ball

Sure, you have a laundry list of excuses that you deem to be “valid,” but I’m here to hold the mirror up to you. Here are the 10 excuses we make for not getting on with the dreams/second acts/living large and there are plenty more of them — how many do you identify with…?

  1. Too busy with the current version of your life

  2. Not sure of what I want to do/be/explore

  3. Don’t know what I’m passionate about anymore

  4. Can’t afford to invest/spend money on the venture/”crazy/not-so-crazy” idea

  5. Afraid to risk not being successful at this

  6. What will others say/think?

  7. Don’t know where to learn more about what I want to do

  8. Never been good at starting something new and it’s overwhelming

  9. Have to stay focused on all the things that help my family run smoothly

  10. Always have to put everyone else first – they need me – I could never do that for me, it would be selfish

If you can relate to at least 2-3 of these excuses, it’s time to take an even harder look at all the reasons why you SHOULD dare to dream and pursue your passion. A passion that you’ve long yearned to pursue.