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What are You Afraid Of? Moving From The Dreaming Phase to The Action Phase!

“If you continue to do what you’ve always done, you’ll continue to get what you’ve always gotten!”

So… you’re ready to move from the dreaming phase to the action phase and Reinvent some part of your life.

How many of you are reading self-help books and listening to inspirational podcasts to motivate you? How many lists have you made about what you’re going to do with this great new idea? Do you have notes all over the place with great ideas and brainstorms that you can’t wait to get to work on? You have this great idea that you want to launch but you think you need more time to think before you actually do it, right?

I’m all for being a student of life, spending time learning about the world and ourselves, learning how to improve, reflecting on these lessons, and growing as a human being to develop our ideas. BUT, when it starts to become an excuse for not getting off our butts to do something that we have been dreaming about, we can get stuck in this dreaming phase. Analysis causes paralysis, and it sounds like you’re caught up in this conundrum.

So how do we get out of it? Well, why not put those books and phones down and start moving on the task at hand and you will get the rewards you’re seeking. See what happens if you make a plan and start to act on it. Learn from the process, teach yourself while on your journey, overcome the obstacles and make your next chapter come alive one baby step at a time.

One strategy that has helped me move from the dreaming phase to the action phase is visualization. You already know what your dream is, the next step is to visualize it becoming a reality, and then to build on that vision.

Treat this like you would a project at work or an assignment that shoots to the top of your priority list. After visualizing it, create a work plan - a roadmap - that breaks down all the steps that you might need to go through to reach your goals. What differentiates this project from everything else on your plate is the fact that it’s FOR YOU.


Set aside an hour, grab a pen and paper, and start to chart the following:

· What is your Reinvention project?

· Is this a short term Reinvention or a lifetime career or game-changing Reinvention?

· What are the things you need to learn, read, buy, create, engage in to know more or attain

elements of it?