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A-HA MOMENTS – The Key to Reinventing Your Life, So Don’t Ignore Them!


“A-HA moments” – they can happen anywhere at any time, but do you hear them? Are you aware of the true impact an “A-HA moment” can have on your life?

When you meet someone who’s doing what they love with their life, it’s interesting to ask them what their “A-HA moment” was. Some had it at a young age, others didn’t have it till after they turned 50, and some are still waiting on their own. “A-HA moments” come in all shapes and sizes, we just have to be open to listen and look for them when they show up.

Reinventing your life is defined by these “A-HA moments”! They are the key to the doorways of the life we always wanted. These moments are the times in our lives when we recognize an internal desire for a new direction. When we acknowledge that we crave something else out of our lives and are prepared to engage in that Reinvention.

You then decide to act on it and start the process of Reinventing your life. Now, you look ahead to the journey and process that might be required - and as daunting as that may be, it will be the most rewarding journey you have ever embarked on…

If you listen carefully to yourself - your inner-most desires - you’ll start to notice the cues that lead you to the life you wish you were living, the things you wish you were creating, and the things you wish you could be doing.

These are YOUR moments. And they’re so quietly yours that you may not even realize how powerful they really are or what kind of Reinventions they could fuel.

Have you been living in the wake of who you wish you could be? In the shadows of someone else’s dream? Questioning who you are, should be, or the way others want you to live?

Start looking for those “A-HA moments” in your life. Look closely and take note of what it could mean to you - to own the life you really want to have.

If it’s not too disruptive, impacting those around you in a severe or hurtful way, you should start to explore and research all the ways you can attain that dream.

The question you often hear – “If money was no object, what would you be doing with your life?”- is a good measure of where you’re at and where you want to be. There could be a small or large piece of your life that you can Reinvent, it’s just about recognizing and acting on that feeling.

Don’t take that inner voice for granted next time you have an “A-HA moment” – listen, take note, and start the process of your life Reinvention! My book, RE:INVENT YOUR LIFE! WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR? Will guide you on this journey every step of the way. You have the resources, you have the will power, and you have yourself… time to begin your journey.


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