Discovery and Adventure – I Dare You to Reinvent Your Life!

Updated: Feb 13, 2018

OMG – you’re not going to believe what I did!

Ok, ok…kinda’ kidding but wouldn’t you love to be saying that about something new and exciting in your life that you made happen?

“There is no greater way to reinvent yourself but through discovery.”- Kathi Sharpe-Ross

I’ve heard from a lot of friends and colleagues lately who aren’t where they want to be in life.  I’m glad I’m their friend and that I have chance to help give them strength and perspective to remind them of who they are.  I am having a lot of conversations that enable me to share a little of my wisdom and compassion, as well as my benefit of “distance” to hold a mirror up to them and to provide them with the strength to know who they are and dig deep to remember what they’re about, their values, their purpose and how to get where they wish they were going.

Can you relate to either side of that conversation?

It makes you question your own soul searching, even if you’re in your “happy place” and you’re helping out a friend or colleague.

What is your soul dream?

Shhhh be still, listen, really listen – who are you, no really? Are you the best version of yourself? Are you self-aware? Are you simply living the image that others want you to be or an illusion of who you could be?

And how do we really know if we’ve ever arrived at who we really are. We evolve, grow, learn, stretch, explore so many angles of ourselves and with each twist and turn, a new nugget appears – an epiphany, a wisdom, an insight that reveals just a little more that perhaps makes us that much more curious … That can be so fun but are you stopping long enough to even recognize it?  Are you capable of seeing what’s right in front of you or inside you to harness that energy and do something profound with it?

Yes, it’s risky and requires getting out of your comfort zone, confronting fears with no affirmation of what the end result will be or uncertain paths this may lead you down.  Of course it can be frightening. Curiosity and exploring change creates adventure and for some that means fear.

What if it’s the wrong move? We make a mistake? We don’t get the results we were seeking or outcomes we hoped for?

But is it really all for naught? Are we not learning and growing through trial and error our whole lives?

If we don’t dare greatly, we’ll never succeed greatly!

What could possibly go so wrong that we don’t come out better, wiser, stronger on the other side? There’s always a gem of hope that pulls us through to the next level that then sets us on our next journey.

Be an adventurer and go for it with real intention. As I often say in business, if you “test” a marketing or business concept and don’t approach it with full intention, you’ll never achieve the same level of success because the force and focus to create success will not be the same and therefore th